“You Know When You Go To Kaikoura High When” Facebook Page

Those irrepressible kids in Kaikoura have set up a Facebook page with the name You know when you go to Kaikoura High when

Just to show that kids are the same the world over these are some of the things that Facebook members have posted on the wall

  • “When two girls roll wound on the field hoping to flash their ginas to all the boys playing rugby. But the boy’s don’t give two flying fucks cause they are more interested the the game :L”
  • “When your ICT teacher talks sexual in class :/”
  • Stacey Counsell  Oh my god. Memories :/ Disturbing memories
  • Chloe Baxter hahaha omg i so remember in ict! fucking crak up. and gross!!
  • You’re sitting in Mrs D**** class and you can smell her breathe a mile away D:

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