Lamb Family Did Not Want To Emigrate To New Zealand

A little while ago we blogged about a British couple who’d died after falls in the north African country of Morocco.

The NZ link came via Roger Lamb, who had been working for an engineering company in quake torn Christchurch. Both he and his wife were thought to have been on holiday at the time of their passing. Although he’d been working in New Zealand his family had remained in their Worcestershire home, according to the BBC.

A (British) Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) spokesman said the exact circumstances of the deaths were being investigated.

He also said the FCO was providing consular assistance to the family.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences are extended to the couple’s family and friends for their tragic loss.

Mr and Mrs Lamb left four sons.

A report in the British press What really drove Roger & Tilly Lamb deaths suggested that Mrs Lamb’s death may have been a tragic accident when she leaned too far out of an open window. It also appears that Mr Lamb, who had no work in Britain and had work in Christchurch to support his family, had finally decided to leave New Zealand and return to the UK.

The family faced a common dilemma that many migrant families struggle with – that of emigration being only one person’s ambition and the rest of the family not wanting to go. His wife and children had visited New Zealand and decided they didn’t want to live there, preferring to remain in England.

His running mate  in New Zealand, Gary, said

“Roger often shared his turmoil after training sessions. ‘His wife wasn’t keen to come and I would say the kids were 50/50 —  not wanting to leave their friends,’ he says. ‘He was in so much turmoil over what he should do.

‘He was torn between his life here and going back and probably, if he didn’t have children, he would have stayed. That was his torment. ‘I know for a fact he and Tilly had discussions about splitting up.’

‘We discussed the options and his dilemma was that if he did decide to stay and his marriage did split up, did he give up all that he had worked for — his house?’

Problems had come to a head last spring. Tilly and the boys visited in April — around the time of his 47th birthday. The trip was continually marred by strong and frightening earthquake aftershocks which did not unnerve Roger — who had already seen his flat in a colleague’s home destroyed by a quake — but must have been alarming for his family.

By the time Tilly and the boys left, say friends, Roger, who communicated with his children most mornings via Skype, stopped house-hunting and became resigned to returning to the UK… more here

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2 thoughts on “Lamb Family Did Not Want To Emigrate To New Zealand

  1. I don’t know about that scenario of poster above.

    What impressed me personally, according to the story at Daily Mail Balcony-plunge-couple-arguing-plans-emigrate-say-friends was this-

    is how typically Kiwi the attitude is. Implying the mother was in the wrong for hesitating to move down to Christchurch!

    “his wife was not impressed with his new home city of Christchurch, and in a series of arguments made it clear she was against the move. At one point, relations between the pair became so fraught that a friend suggested to Mr Lamb they split up.” “the threat of further earthquakes in the country left (the mother) fearful”
    “Plans were put on hold” and the geotechnical engineer was unhappy about this.

    His “friend” saying, “Roger was doing his best and she was making it difficult.”
    Wicked woman, imagine that. Not wanting to uproot her family to move to a seismically active tiny underdeveloped land far away from their families and old schools. What was her problem? How could she hold out like that?

    “He was a really kind-hearted man, a gentleman. I would say he was asking her nicely.”

    By implication, she was being a bitch by refusing? It was her problem for refusing and not his by asking for such a sacrifice? By all lights, they had a very beautiful estate and large extended family back home.

    This is the self-centred 100% barmy attitude that New Zealand and NZ cultists have. Having been sucked into the cult for a moment myself and woken up to it, I am not surprised that it still operates so effectively. So the the scientologists and Hare Krishnas. The difference being that everyone knows the latter two are cults.

  2. The bloke made the headlines, so he was a Kiwi at that time, dear moderator. “Don’t leave Noo Zullend – thungs wull heppen to you”.

    If it turns out that he pushed the poor woman so he could haul her offspring down to fractured fairyland to shack up with his jogging mistress, and then maybe regretted it, or feared the shame of an inquiry, and offed himself, he’ll be a Pommy then!

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