How New Zealanders Would Fix “Broken New Zealand”

Planning to emigrate to New Zealand because of the troubles in Europe and the US?

Before you do you may like to stop for a few minutes and read what Kiwis are saying about their country and how they’d fix it if given the opportunity.

This is a discussion taken from a message board on the online TradeMe community, a New Zealand auction site similar to ebay.

New Zealanders are just as dissatisfied with their country as you are with yours for much the same reasons. Plus they have some unique problems of their own such as those that arise from the Treaty of Waitangi (“The Treaty”) the Resource Management Act (RMA)  and issues with immigration. This is how they’d fix it.

How to fix New Zealand? Your ideas on making this a prosperous successful country..

thaler: Sack every politician and start again – would never happen – NZ will never be ‘fixed’

millenium1: Invade aussie !!

gemmigem: Goto Aussie….easy

pinkfloyd2002: Get rid of the “welfare, entitled to attitude”

lyonruge: Sell all the land to China.

gemmigem:  Only allow people in Government to hold a portfolio if they are one of the leading experts in the country on the particular subject…
They are successful business men/women…
Are paid on a success based rate…
Don’t belong to any political party what-so-ever!

beurrevaleur: Yea, i agree, country should be operated as a business, if i dont work i dont get paid, why should anyone else?

arcticus:  Enslave everyone who watches Masterchef Australia and thinks that it is “Really great viewing”. We can then use these mindless hordes of people to work in the factories that we will build using free labour from any builders in NZ who use Holden utes as work vehicles. In these factories we will make counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags, Levi’s and Apple iPhones and flood the world with them at cheap wholesale prices.
The workers will live in camps and enforced breeding will be applied so we have a new generation of workers to take over from the ones that get too old and have to be ‘retired’ (retired workers will be shot)
Outside of these factories and death…oops, I mean labor camps, we will carry on life as usual. But with less stupid mindless people around we will notice some immediate benefits
1)The roads will be less congested
2)Housing will be readily available after the ‘relocating’ to the camps of some people
3)I’m guessing that all of the Greens and Labour parties will be in the camps, so no need for elections, saving us money.

This is only the start to my plan to make NZ great. It is not a short term quick fix, in fact, after 40-50 years I propose that with the money we have made from selling to the word that we turn the whole South Island into a Vegas like city and let the new generation of slav….workers, from the camps work there as croupiers and bus boys (and girls, I’m not sexist).

All the cows from the South Island can be moved to Hamilton, as I know a few cows that live there and they really seem to like it.

Love and kisses
Don Brash

harryhenderson: Some interesting ideas there, although some might be a little less practical…lets here some more

thaler: become a independent country and burn the treaty of waitangi

icemans1: burn the treaty, yeah right, too many white folk make money out of it and they ensure that the pot keeps boiling,bubble bubble bubble 2012-2025-2050-2075 and so it will go.

snork28: Make New Zealand Organic for starters…better late than never!

Instead of paying so much money for prisons, use it to pay for dental and health so every New Zealander has good teeth and in good health.

Get rid of additives, colours and preservatives and stop feeding our children poison.

Get schools growing organic vegetables and orchards, so the children can have fruit salad every morning for breakfast and extra fruit can be dried or preserved or sold to the public to use the money for the school.

Find out what every child’s passion is, and up date it every year, so teachers can direct them in the right direction and get them excited about life and their future.

moore79: the treaty is out of separatism

alpinestarbecome a independent country and burn the treaty of waitangi

yer wouldnt that be something…maori & pakeha burn the treaty and shake hands on waitangi day
aint guna happen..its a legal binding document the POMS were stupid enough to sign in their need for greed , or greed for need

wilsee3: -Become organic
-100% renewable energy sources
-Less laws but harsher penalties/ punishments that fit the crime.
-Separation of the Police and traffic officers.
– A government that runs the country and doesn’t supervise our lives.
– one law for all.

glenngt: Start teaching kids in kindergartens that they will have to be responsible for their own destiny one day, stop raising them to think they are entitled to things as of right…so that by the time they are adults they will actually have a work ethic and not believe the whole world owes them a living….so they don’t stand there with there bloody hand out!

fpress: Sell Australia.

melvis4: Get rid of mmp to start with : instant millions saved overnight .

inter: Perhaps first decide whether it is actually broken…

pico42: Oh id say that horse has bolted…

thaler: Fix NZ? b specific we r very lucky here

win8: Fix New Zealand and not the whole world this time round.
GST stays at 15% but is dropped from food and fuels.
Have a good look at where all the money goes to in Government and propose a new deal.
Same as before everyone gets a decent liviing wage. Jobs for New Zealanders first. Abolishing of overseas pricing structures on our foodstuffs eg milk and meat.
Affordable housing, land freed up by the repealing of the resorce management act. Councils made to be responsible for their spending and services. Capped pay for cheif executives. Free education for anyone that wants it.
Railways expanded so that they can take on more labour and teach badly needed practical engineering skills.

Now here is a controversial part, The reintroduction of steam power to New Zealand Railways. We have the technology now to build better more efficeint locomotives. That way we lower our needs for imported oil.

Manufacture of oil from coal as we have the technology to do so efficiently now. Same as for biofuels and man made crude oil production from algae. Get the country as self reliant as possible.

Same as before everyone that can work, works for a living, mums and
children under 16 excempt.

Reintroduction of respect for society and for other people in that society. Repealing the anti smacking law as no one realy knows where they stand at the moment.

As stated before for law and order
the 6 x 6 plan
6 days hard labour shifting 6 cubic meters of soil per day for 6 days
7th day rest and learning how to become a good citizen.
Reopening our own factories and concentrating on what is best made in New Zealand with our skills and strengths. We would initially have a protected workforce and market. Employers and employees would have equal rights.
A ban on short selling in sharemarkets. Our major industries taken off the share market.

The government has a moral right to represent the people of New Zealand. So therefor power companies water companies railways telecome post office and a new bank would all be under Government ownership. A new superanuation retirement fund. A compulsory savers fund. Education set up so people can accept and excel at the challenges of living in a modern society and being productive.

thats about it for now.

neville106: “Oh id say that horse has bolted…”
+1 Yep, started cracking 40 yrs ago and now its just a mess.

 sw20: I like neville106’s suggestions, he has obviously put a lot of thought into them. In addition to those suggestions I would like to see (1) the deportation of immigrants who commit serious crimes and (2) an increase in immigrants from Europe and North America.

 kaiser2: Benefits should be only paid out in 2.5 year Intervals and with a max of 5 years per person in their life.

munkweed: My daughter (aged 7) after watching the news the other day suggested all 1. the pokie machines be emptied – then put all that cash in the bank – that would earn more interest than the pokie machines and stop the gambling.

2. (on watching the stock/shares market) people with failing companies/shares should sack the bosses, get new ones, cut staff etc.

3. no one should buy anything they don’t need, that includes toys and food, if you run out of something, don’t buy it until you need it, and not to buy take-aways any more and every one should have a cow, a sheep and some vegetables and chickens

4. everyone should help everyone else

I think she’s sort of on the right track – but I don’t think we could implement it just yet dear….

mrsmcgoo: It’s the reverse racism & sense of entitlement killing us.
Plus the pathetic justice system, readily given hand-outs, and loss of respect/fear in our children.

cosby: the 1 bullet policy toward serious criminals. maybe even taggers as well just put a sniper on the roof to take them out. they will stop it sooner or later

nightg: Oh heres another. untill the newzealnd and the rest of the world stop concentrating on growth we will always have problems they always want the population to go up so it will pay for the aging population BUT just like every living thing that has a growth explosion it always crashes. we need to be stable even if it comes and at short term cost.

nightg: tv & radio running adds for electricity prices ,who pays for the adds? we do,,this is just one sector that government has made a mess of ,we should all be charged the same rate ,just like it was before ,phones another government mess, GST another government mess ,we pay rates a tax ,then they tax the tax again ,all way through business making a loaf of bread every ingredient pays tax ,and when they sell it to us we pay tax to another government mess ,so the moral of the story government can sell what ever it likes ,sack who ever they like ,they just TAX us more ,

rain.bow: Find the oil,drill for it,sell it.Find the gold,dig it up,sell it.

sandypheet: Drastically overhaul the RMA.Adds huge compliance costs to anything that needs developing to the point lots of good projects never get off the ground simply because so much money needs to be be thrown into the bureaucratic cesspit.Adds so much cost to to the ordinary citizens expenses as these costs need to be recouped in the products and services.RMA is a license to print money for a huge number of consultants and lawyers for very little tangible benefit

porka1:  1. utilise skills of immigrants, so that doctors arent driving taxis etc
2. Allow recognition of UK and EU qualifications (some are recognised and some arent).
3.improve the education here

happysmile4:  Rape the minerals

ramones67: “Rape the minerals
pretty much our only hope

fergus96: neville106 some great ideas.
comments on just stopping benefits and making people work isnt going to help. We need to stop sending our jobs off shore, the recent news about Govt sending to china to build our trains therefore closing the yard in Dunedin leaving all those people out of work is a prime example.
We can stop buying all this cheap imported crap, and look for New Zealand made.

plasticboys: “Get rid of the “welfare, entitled to attitude
get rid of the “we are entitled attitude” all together, it not only is in the welfare side of things..

sexy_tidus:  the govenment should put 1 billion dollars at the tab on the all blacks to lose the first match get them to lose and bobs your uncle

thaler: We could stop spending money on depreciating consumer crap we don’t NEED. That is a good start, especially replacing perfectly servicable items like TVs and cellphones etc. just to keep up with fashion.

crzyhrse: #1- Stop whining.
#2- The REAL reason why the Aussies are ahead of us is because they don’t whinge and just get on with it. Change your attitude – stop looking at the glass half empty.
#3- Put a quota on PC
#4- Stop cutting down every tall poppy – You reap what you sow.
#5- Personal responsibility – Stop blaming everyone and everything else.

smoth_007: Build a time machine go back to the 1970s and prevent Rob Muldoon ever becoming PM and this will fix many of the problems we have faced since then.

bhowden: …. raze it ….

bizatlarge: “comments on just stopping benefits and making people work isnt going to help. We need to stop sending our jobs off shore, the recent news about Govt sending to china to build our trains therefore closing the yard in Dunedin leaving all those people out of work is a prime example.
    We can stop buying all this cheap imported crap, and look for New Zealand made.”

Yes very true fergus. Not only do the workers suffer but also the community and business community also suffer because of teh amount of money taken from those communities. Thought has to be made of devastaion downline of the primary wageearners losing their jobs.

Some more on sharemarkets and shareholders. Alowing foreigners and foreign governments and interests having a financial stake on our primary industries is just crazy. Because they can stabotage our industries by with holding of money or forcing of decisions that disable our labour and labour markets.

As for immigrants they will have to obey our laws and be prepared to live under our laws and religion. NZ was founded as a christian country so it has christian laws. Therefore no sharia laws. If you dont like it here then go home.
Human rights laws wil need a revamp where human rights let individuals have rights over many, show that something is seriously wrong the human rights issues. And yes i am referring to the Maori rights issues as well.

Beurocracies. Some beurocrats have more power and more authority than our prime minister or cabinet ministers. Referral to health boards they have the power to decide life and death.

Therefor beurocrats need reighning in and their power bases decentralised and more open and transparent.

There is something fundamentaly wrong whhen business leaders get more money than they know what to do with and more money than they can spend or put to good uses in their lifetimes. Its just greed in the most evil sense of the word. To them money and peoples lives are a game and that needs to stop.

Bottom line. To much power is concentrated in the hands of to few people. We need to look at committees and to keep them in line
a new political post called marshals who would work on the same line as umpires.

neville106: We also need to harness new technologies.

This technology would particularly suit us because we have the kermadic trench and the kaikoura canyon just off our shores.

neville106: Now here is what is happening in Britain, serious questions are being asked about greed and moral decay in the top echelons of British society.

And the same type of questions are being asked here as well at the street level.

Adidas is a target of frustration from a lot of other companies overcharging for their products

eg milk, meat, power among other things

neville106: make me prime minister! every one get’s extra 100 bux a week, everyone will get a job, criminal record or not. I’ll make a male brothel, old ladies need love to lmao what else you want? me no talk straight action hehe

gawwjiss: Becoming one with Australia….



2 thoughts on “How New Zealanders Would Fix “Broken New Zealand”

  1. Interesting exchange over here when one poster is saying that the earnings threshold to be allowed to stay in New Zealand should be raised to near NZD100K/year Reddit New Zealand thread
    on the other hand, they forget that “you can only train someone with enough intelligence for the field, and the integrity to do the job properly”. Plus the dropout rate in NZ is the highest in the OECD:
    Out of all the tertiary students starting their first year in 2016, only 66 percent are expected to graduate. This puts New Zealand as one of the lowest ranked university completion countries in the OECD.
    Don’t forget what you see in the dropout rate, they haven’t listed out which faculties have the highest dropouts AND for the article, only interview Humanities students …
    In my course, 300 people joined at the start … and you’d be not far off the mark if you said around 30 completed it (one of the Sciences). I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the difficulty immigrants have, is because they’ve done the hard yards and have the knowledge to understand when someone is having them on … and some of the locals, but especially in management, resent being accurately seen as “connected know-nothings” rather than “the person who can do things by themselves”.

    Anyhow, it is becoming very clear now that New Zealand is operating a wealth transfer scheme, where foreigners are supposed to plough their money into land and businesses, be discriminated against by the locals, and then have to sell at knockdown prices, and attempt to make a fresh start in their home country if they didn’t get a citizenship after their contribution to the New Zealand economy.

    If they don’t manage to end up going home, perhaps a fatal run-in with a disgruntled local or an “outdoor accident” will stop the person from making their complaints known. Or perhaps that happens to one of their children. Once you become aware of the kind of trap you are in, it approaches the level of social horror, like the game “We Happy Few”(released 26 July 2016, play it before deciding to move to NZ).

    Also remember, elections are on Saturday, September 23 so don’t make any long-term plans, a lot of ideas will be entertained as politicians perform their virtue-signalling for votes.

  2. I noticed none of them actually talked about retaining migrant Asian professionals who graduate from NZ universities.
    I don’t see these changes as being anything other than a band aid over a suppurating wound.

    Saying that you don’t want foreigners to have a stake in your country is rich, considering that international students pay 4 – 5x the fees of domestic students. If they came to the conclusion that there would be no job that they could reasonably get in their field after graduation – say goodbye even to the immigrants fully cashed-up from turning up on your shores hoping to gain residency. Being underemployed is going to be a bitter pill for them to swallow… and then being told by a returning New Zealander from overseas that “you are stealing all our jobs” is really going to make them withdraw their resources to go elsewhere where they are valued.

    The choice is to either accept that some parts of NZ can’t be fixed – and preferential treatment will only drag down the whole country…
    or keep doing things the same way and watch the resulting unrest.

    It’s remarkable that NZ thinks it can do without skilled technical professionals… or is it more of the mentality “Experience means more than education”, and “jobs for kiwis”? ‘Cause a person not suited for the job… is a liability to the company – unless the company is planning on cheating the public and the government through overcharging to cover the costs of retaining unqualified (except for ethnicity) people to gain “PC points”.

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