Reasons Not To Move To New Zealand

Today we’re opening up the blog so that our readers can give their reasons not to move to New Zealand.

The best comments will be included in this blog.

Over to you…

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7 thoughts on “Reasons Not To Move To New Zealand

  1. I left
    N.Z. 14 years ago after having been unemployed for over 10 years , Having moved to Australia I had a job within the first 2 weeks I now own my own home, have a holiday home in Surfers paradise and buy a new car every 3 years .

  2. Hyped, very false advertising

    So overpriced it is crazy, for the quality of anything you get, but especially basic needs such as housing

    Nothing much to do but scenery, drinking and sports

    Too far away from anything to make travel inexpensive

    Poor public transportation

    Provincial minded (only interested in national affairs, and in the national take on foreign affairs), parsimonious by necessity

    People dodge as much responsibility as they can, and are not very friendly except superficially, Culture of Just good enough, whatever you can get away with is ok

    Winters are cold, rainy, windy, no preference of a warm indoors exists

    There is a predatory mentality towards immigrants and foreigners

    The people are not curious intellectually and have a myopic sense of humour

    The people want to minimise conflict to the point of ignoring problems until it is too late

    Drug problem is all over, they are too permissive and too many teens are out of control and degenerate

    Palm greasing society, it’s who you know not what you know, even in official or justice situations where there should be transparency and rectitude

    Bully culture with high youth suicide rate

  3. Just wanted to add- the so-called brain drain that afflicts New Zealand is very real. The educated and by extension, those that will make a good living, leave in large numbers ( The number of New Zealanders that live abroad all told is about 1 million. There is a reason New Zealand immigration so desperately wants people to go live there, especially professionals.

    • And yet the immigrant professionals can’t find jobs because they don’t know the right people, don’t speak with the correct accent, or have the right name.
      For some it becomes an endurance test.
      One would wonder whether NZIS “wants them” or “wants their money”.

  4. 1. Small-minded, xenophobic locals (not all, but many)
    2. Hugely expensive produce, no variety in supermarkets
    3. Above also applies to clothing
    4. Above also applies to housing. Prohibitively expensive
    5. Above also applies to child care
    6. Shocking youth culture (drugs, alcohol, boy-racers etc)
    7. Weather – better than some places, but if you come from a sunny, warm climate, NZ’s climate is a shock to the system. Lots of rains, lots of wind and extremely high humidity in summer
    8. Low wages and jobs-for-buddies system. If you don’t know the right people and speak with the right accent, getting a decent job is almost impossible. Prepare to be washing dishes, driving a taxi, working in a call-centre or coffee bar etc (no matter how good your qualification/s and experience)

    All that said, if you have a lot of money and know enough people in NZ, in other words if you don’t need to work for a living and don’t need the locals for your social life, you might like it. It is beautiful and, for the most part, peaceful. Not great for teenagers though, but possibly to retire. NZ Immigration will welcome you (or more accurately, your money) with open arms as long as you don’t expect to earn a living or integrate into Kiwi society

    • My husband is self-employed and makes a very good living, I don’t need to work. We have money enough to travel abroad, travel in New Zealand, and pay for private education for our child. My husband is a NZer, with family and connections in the country. In other words, the kind of people you say might like New Zealand, yet we can’t wait to leave! My husband is pushing to move to the States by next year, so our child won’t have to attend a New Zealand school. I’ve wanted to move back to the States within a year of living here (I’ve been here more than five years).

      Many of the reasons people choose to leave, or not even move to New Zealand in the first place are still there even if you have money. There is still a shocking amount of vandalism and robbery. The stores are still stocked with junk at extortianate prices. The housing stock is still substandard even for millionaires, which means you have to spend a lot of time and money and go through inordinate inconvenience just to have a comfortable home (and then it’s value may not necessarily increase because insulation, energy efficiency and comfort are not valued here), the supermarkets still lack variety, it’s not so easy to find a good meal when eating out, the hoons still dominate the streets, and most of all, it’s just a grubby and littered place that I find depressing to live in.

      As for the scenery, it’s nothing special, and certainly nothing you couldn’t find elsewhere and better, in many cases. I’d rather travel abroad than stay here when I do travel, just like Kiwis themselves! I find it a bit depressing to go hiking and see so little birdlife in the bush. Most of the native wildlife has been exterminated, and the locals don’t seem to care much. There’s not much culture life in the cities either, so that avenue gets dried up pretty quickly. You end up living your life online, reading the papers to know what’s happening outside of New Zealand, and buying online to get things that are unavailable, or to expensive, or both.

      Perhaps New Zealand is good place for some people – those that like to go pig hunting with their dogs, those who believe endless, treeless pastures are visions of a pristine landscape, young people who like to alter their cars to make them as loud as possible and race them at night, kleptomaniacs who are looking for an anemic justice system, people who don’t like to use public trash bins, people who don’t mind walking barefoot into a public restroom, those that are not picky about what they eat and are not interested in trying new things or cooking with a variety of ingredients, those that like canned spaghetti, sausages made with less than 70 percent meat, meals that are seasoned with ketchup, meat pies made with little meat and lots of powdered gravy…

      In the end, there are beaches, you can go fishing, go can go boating. Living in New Zealand day to day seems an awfully high price to pay to do such things that can be done just as well elsewhere.

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