Why Did Wills And Kate Cancel Their New Zealand Trip?

Prince William slaves over hot stove

The Daily Mail first broke the story that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have cancelled their Rugby World Cup trip to New Zealand for fears that it might be used as a pre-election vote winner by the present National Government.

But we here at E2NZ have our own theories about why Wills, Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh rugby union, decided to give New Zealand a miss

  • The ash cloud would’ve caused havoc with Kate’s hair
  • Air NZ is the only airline daring to fly under the ash cloud and he’s too tall for cuddle class
  • He saw John Key’s 100% pure Hardtalk interview and hasn’t stopped laughing since
  • He couldn’t face another boozy barbeque at John’s place

Word is that the newlyweds will be visiting Australasia next year as part of the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations, by which time normal service may have been resumed.

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Supporters of Super rugby have criticised the stadium’s poor coverage from winter conditions, which they feel dampens the atmosphere for Auckland Blues matches.

World Cup spectators paying up to $358 a seat will be exposed to the worst of Auckland’s changeable September and October weather.

Others have suggested Eden Park falls below the standard for a World Cup final venue, and have decried the stadium’s mismatched stands and the eyesore of scaffolding that has been installed behind the west stand for temporary seating…” more here

The Herald is also running a poll asking its readers

“Does Eden Park fall below standard of hosting a World Cup final?

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One thought on “Why Did Wills And Kate Cancel Their New Zealand Trip?

  1. they dont care wether Key would use the trip as a publicity move.

    someone told me it was actually safety worries. w/ the slack safety regs in new zeal that should not surprize anyone.

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