Kaikoura’s Mobs – Street Violence Erupts Again

Last month we wrote about how a group of men from Christchurch on a fishing trip were attacked by a mob of around 30 local youths in Kaikoura. Read Five Arrested In Kaikoura Mob Attack.

At the time Kaikoura’s mayor, Winston Gray, said “the incident was not the first against visitors and the community needed to help stamp out violence. He was disappointed so many people were involved in the incident.  “There must have been some amongst them that thought this is not right. Where were they – were they all so alcohol or drug-affected that reasoned judgment had totally gone out the window? Banter between groups of males is one thing; these actions, however, cannot be condoned.

These young men need to realise that they actually do not own this town.””

Well it appears they may own the town because there’s been another mob attack on visitors.

Six men and a woman are to appear in court after an alcohol fuelled attack during the early hours of yesterday morning, according to a report in The Herald:

Police said that three Christchurch men, holidaying in the area with their families, suffered injuries including a broken jaw, cuts and concussion after being punched and kicked while walking home from an evening in town in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The seven people arrested face charges ranging from injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful assembly, burglary and robbery.

…Officer-in-charge of Kaikoura Sergeant Barry Hansen said: “People need to feel safe when on holiday in our area and we remain committed to ensuring this happens.”

Where were his officers whilst the attack and burglary were being carried out and why aren’t visitors to Kaikoura being protected from this sort of violence?  Where we the law keepers whilst the unlawful assembly was taking place? The Herald report doesn’t give us this information.

The Marlborough Express was able to give it readers a little bit more detail:

A Kaikoura man is in Christchurch Hospital with a broken jaw and shoulder after at least three people were chased, then attacked, in Kaikoura early yesterday.

Sergeant Barry Hansen, of Kaikoura, said seven people were arrested after the “unnecessary alcohol-fuelled violence” on Beach Rd, outside the Top 10 Holiday Park.” Read the full account here

It looks like it isn’t only the seals that are “getting the bash” in Kaikoura, what a violent and unsafe place it has become.

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