Wellington Earthquake. Are You Prepared?

A reader has sent in a link to a video which depicts the possible scenario after a large scale (8.2) earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

The Wellington Fault – New Zealand’s “most dangerous geological hazard” link

Bearing in mind the disruption that a smaller scale 7.1 earthquake (and almost 2,00 aftershocks) recently caused in Christchurch and the Canterbury region we’d like to share it with you. It is a very salient reminder of the real risks that exist when living in New Zealand.

Littleton Port Damaged in the Lesser Canterbury quake

Today’s NZ Herald details the damage sustained to Littleton Port by the 4 September Canterbury earthquake:

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch says about 40 per cent of its wharves were damaged by the September 4 earthquake.

The port said an assessment showed significant damage to one of its berths and extensive sinking at Cashin Quay…more here

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“it seems funny that bbc world news has reported stuff about the quake but nothing from our own tv crew lol….”

“Hi from Rangiora. It was horrendous, like being in a rocking cradle, I was sooooo scared. I hate these aftershocks, there was another one a few mins ago about 11.20. It is like thunder and then the house keeps shaking. Our house has stood up to the quake, we still have water and power although my daughter from Kaiapoi is with us as they have no water or power. Driving over there this morning, there were cracks in the roads and police everywhere. Stuff was falling over and getting broken. I wish I was back in the safety of the UK. Although we are one of the lucky ones it is not a nice place to be at the moment”

“We’re near AMI (The AMI rugby stadium, host to the RWC 2011 matches)  Just saw about it on BBC but nothing anywhere else. glad was not worse cause would not know what to do.”

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