New Forum For NZ Migrants

We came across a new NZ migrant support website and forum today, here’s the press release issued by the site’s designer and author.

The site offers opportunities to post job vacancies, look for work and build up social networks whilst allowing people to talk freely about their experiences of moving to and working in New Zealand.

It appears to be a refreshing departure from the usual  ‘censored-and-agenda-driven-commercial-immigration-forum’  format

Forum for New Zealand Migrant
July 23, 2010
By Derek Seymour

Derek Seymour, a migrant who moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2001 has created an internet support group for other migrants.

“I want to create an online forum where people thinking about migrating to New Zealand can swap information and advice”, Seymour said.

“People can post job adverts, vent, and build their social networks – which is really important, especially if you arrived in a New Zealand by yourself.”

“I’m hopeless at making friends, so I really struggled when I first arrived. ”

“Membership is completely free, and I won’t make a cent from creating this board. I got sick of the hidden agendas behind other expat message boards where the goal seems to be to turn a dollar – and any dissent is quickly dealt with”, the 39 year old said.

“On my board, I won’t ban or delete posts by members because they upset my sponsors – because I don’t have any!” he added.

“The board philosophy is simple : honest, robust and transparent debate. I want to avoid political correctness, but we’ll see how it evolves.”

Seymour is planning to create other message boards. “I am going to create a couple of others for groups I am involved with in the wellington region.”

You can access seymour’s website at


His blog is well worth a read too.