New Zealand Immigration Growth Continues To Slow. Trans-Tasman Departures At 12 Month High

New Zealand’s annual immigration growth slowed for a second consecutive month in March, suggesting that the economic recovery is weaker than first thought.

The number of permanent migrant arrivals exceeded departures by 20,973 in the 12 months ended March 31, Statistics New Zealand said today in Wellington. That’s down from 21,618 in the year to February. Migration into New Zealand was in negative figures for March, which is bad news for an economy that is so dependent on a buoyant housing market and income from migrants.

Meanwhile, the number of New Zealanders leaving to live in Australia is at the highest level for 12 months, with 3,000 people leaving in March.  According to Statistics New Zealand 30,000 people have left for Australia over the last year.

One of the main reasons for the pick-up in departures is thought to be Australia’s better jobs market where salaries are 30% higher. Medical professionals and engineers are leading the exodus. Australian unemployment is falling from last year’s top of 5.3 % whilst NZ has an unemployment rate of  7.3% that has yet to peak.

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The report has generated a strong reaction from New Zealanders. See what they’re saying on NZ Yahoo – “Kiwis flocking to Australia hit a high” . The irony is that their comments sound identical to from people thinking of leaving Britain, looking for a better life in New Zealand.

“Its all Helen Clarks fault!! thats who everone has blamed before for NZs problems. I foolishly returned to NZ a year ago to the plea of “kiwis come home” what a mistake, now trying to sell house and get going again.No place for people here that are educated and have a career goal.”

“..if it was not for me being very close to family i would be over there in a heart beat. Am sick and tired of policies geared for the no hopers, bottom feeding, handout conditioned people who get evrything thing for nothing, when i bust my ass working 50hrs a week along with my wife working the same to make ends meet, dosent seem right to be honest!

We currently live in China and find it hard to imagine how we could afford to live N.Z again. It’s a real shame as it’s such a beautiful country. Maybe that’s the plan to keep the population down. It’s no use blaming John Key I wouldn’t like to do his job, and this has started happening before he took over. All the best to those that are looking at shifting away from N.Z it’s an amazing world out there and lots more on offer, go for it!”

Yip well that what happens when the pay rates over there are better and the NZ government keeps giving land to the maoris, when it wasint theres in the first place why cant morioris claim land?? oh thats rite they got eatin! haha”

John Key has ensured NZ become two countries; his seperatist policies proof. We should be referring to NZ in the plural New ZealandS, and good luck to those lucky ones that are leaving this joke of a political swamp.”

“Yeh well I think Oz has alot going for it – better pensions, better pay, better weather and more open spaces. I am joining the brain drain……had enough of low pay, tall poppy syndrome and the general nanny state mentality of the community here.”

“New Zealand[s] stand for; abanker PM, collapsed phone networks, power outages, transport breakdowns, military equipment breakdowns, higher GST guaranteed, Emission taxes guaranteed, huge rates on properties forecast, privatisation of public owned assets. Who is going to be last to leave, who is going to turn the light out. Oooops, another power outage.”

“we I am an ozzie that came this way 10 years ago as it was the land of opportunity …but thinking of going back now…”

“well with the current government here set to increase the gst to 15% and increase tax on wine what do we expect”

Yep only the fools will be left here,and why not go good weather better pay lower tax G.S.T,much more to do and see the list goes on and on”

One thought on “New Zealand Immigration Growth Continues To Slow. Trans-Tasman Departures At 12 Month High


    by Paul Budde

    Posted 19 Apr 2010 12:17 PM

    NZ Telecom: a warning for Telstra
    Telecom New Zealand is facing a huge problem – it’s unable to become a full partner in the $NZ1.5 billion ($A1.15 billion) plan to roll out ultra-fast broadband to three-quarters of homes – unless it separates its retail and network businesses.
    After the staff lay offs announced last Thursday and a lower earnings guidance, it’s clear these problems could severely undermine the economy of the country, as well as New Zealand’s society in general.
    * * *

    Comment from a regular E2NZ reader:
    A high proportion of New Zealand users are currently having problems with New Zealand ISPs. I personally know a large number of Telecom and Slingshot subscribers who are pulling their hair out. However, the status pages of these ISPs, typical of New Zealand, do not mention any problems at all, despite users begging for real information easily accessible on the web without lengthy waits for offshore technical support personnel armed with the usual useless scripts. Efforts to cut costs have resulted in worse service, making customers even more angry. They can complain all they like, but things are becoming worse.

    As with the web news that is “censored for non-local consumption”, New Zealand “contains” its own problems in this area too, by design, and very skillfully.

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