Wellywood Sign A No Go – Updated

Wellington airport’s attempt to cash-in on Avatar’s recent Oscar success was thwarted today with the announcement that public opposition to the tacky sign, and a possible law suit from Hollywood lawyers over trademark violations, has put an end to the idea.

Thinking caps are now on for ideas to make the best of New Zealand’s world famous film industry prior to the release of Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit, with talk of a Facebook page being a less offensive alternative.

Gollum bound at Wellington Airport

New Zealand has developed a bit of a reputation as a location of choice for fantasy films (Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, The Ring triology, Lovely Bones etc) the irony of that and references to Mordor will not be lost on some.

The film, which is to be based on Tolkien’s book  will be split into two halves (one for each island perhaps?) and its release would ideally have coincided with the 2011 Rugby World Cup for maximum NZ marketing impact. But the release dates, December 2011 and December 2012, now look unlikely.

This has perhaps spared us from animated figures of Hobbits holding rugby balls, hanging off the side of the Skytower and other famous NZ landmarks.

Rather like the Gollum reaching for the ring that used to bind them all on the the roof of Wellington airport.

Once were film makers
There was a time when the New Zealand film industry drew attention for well made films that had some basis in reality. Critically acclaimed films: Once Were Warriors, The Piano and Whale Rider attracted international accolades for script writing and for discovering talented actors like Anna Paquin, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Temuera Morrison. Not for tacky special effects and signs.

Film Industry Moves North – 6 July 2010

Wellywood moves to Auckland

Wellington may wish to consider if the sign is needed at all, it looks like the industry is slowly gravitating to the north as movie jobs in the capital dry up and people head to Auckland.

They way things are going Wellington isn’t even going to have a film industry before much longer.

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One thought on “Wellywood Sign A No Go – Updated

  1. Tolkien’s Mordor was surrounded by three giant mountains.
    The mountains serve the same purpose as the sea does, for Godzone.
    They defend it from the nasty creatures of other places who clamour to enter and pillage it.
    They also prevent those living in Mordor from escaping.
    The denizens of Mordor would tell you the former purpose is the One True Purpose.
    The Towers of the Teeth must surely exist somewhere in New Zealand as well. Most Kiwis have so few of them that they must be doing something with them.
    The Land of Shadow is where people live in utterly blissful ignorance.

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