Libby Templeman’s Mother Gives Evidence

The mother of Libby Templeman, the British school girl strangled in Kerikeri on 1 November 2008, has given evidence at the trial of the boy accused of her assault and murder.

Mrs Templeman told of her desperate efforts to find Libby after she failed to answer her text messages on the night she disappeared.

She said she’d phone the accused boy and Libby’s friends, only to find out that the last person her daughter had been seen with was the boy.

She then phoned him again the next morning to find out why there was a half hour gap between the boy saying he’d left Libby near Kerikeri High school and him receiving a phone call from someone else.

Libby’s father is also due to give evidence today.

In 2005 the Templeman’s emigrated from Brightlingsea in Essex looking for a better life in New Zealand. Libby was a pupil at Colne Community School.

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