Napier Erupts In Violent Crime


What is going on in Hawkes Bay? there’s been an explosion of violent crime in the Napier and Hastings area in the past last few days, is gang violence making a resurgence in the towns and why are throngs of young teenagers roaming around looking for trouble, have they nothing better to do?

A 22 year old male was beaten and robbed in broad daylight in Napier yesterday. His injuries were so severe he was placed in an induced coma overnight until he regained consciousness this morning. He was savagely attacked in Kennedy Park at around 4pm by young thugs who took his backpack (was this man connected to the nearby William Colenso College or was he a tourist?) containing CDs, and iPod and mobile phone. Police would like to talk to a group of youths aged 14-20.

The same day there were two more attacks. One was on Massey Crescent where a 20 year old male was robbed and there was a possible stabbing around 3am on Roberts Terrace.

The day before a group of teens rampaged through Hasting’s central business area smashing windows at 4 in the morning. 11 businesses were targeted and the damage is thought to have run in to thousands of dollars. Police arrested four youths, including two 15 year old girls,  a boy of 15 and another age 14.

A reporter from Hawkes Bay Today spoke to some of the businesses involved:

“Spokeswoman Kay Howes said it was not the first time the property had been struck by vandals.
“I think I’ve almost become immune to it,” Ms Howes said. “It’s just a continual hassle. You just wonder where mum and dad were. For me, it’s just sad.” Queen St East business Transfield Worley was also struck.  A company spokeswoman said the vandalism was ridiculous. “They’ve obviously got nothing to do.”

We agree, when there’s ‘nothing to do’ in towns like these kids are going to gravitate toward gangs in all their manifestations. Parents should be forced to take a share of the responsibility for this and made to pay for the damage. Why are they letting their kids roam the streets in the early hours of the morning?

But it’s not just the young kids that are causing mayhem in Hastings.  Barney Huriwaka, age 79, was woken at 3am on Sunday by the sound of every window in his Flaxmere home being smashed. Police eventually caught a 20 year old man in connection with the crime. This was the second time Mr Huriwaka had had his windows broken, he’d been away on holiday the last time it happened.

Epidemic of unreported crime
A little further down the coast is the small community of Waimarama where the residents are suffering from an “epidemic of unreported crime” (a lot of crime goes unreported in NZ) which was only uncovered when police investigated an arson attack:

“Investigations into an arson attack at Waimarama just before Christmas have uncovered an epidemic of unreported crime in the seaside settlement. Burglaries, vandalism, assaults and traffic offences are going unreported in the beach community. But if locals came forward it could help them solve the mystery of who burnt down the former Catholic church, Hastings police Detective Martin James said.”

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