German Tourists Robbed In Omapere, Northland

It’s taken well over a week for the news to leak out that a couple of German tourists were robbed in Northland, New Zealand on November 2. Why it has taken so long to report on something that happened a week last Monday is anybody’s guess, but the more cynical amongst us could speculate that it was so the story could be given a more ‘positive’ slant?

The middle aged couple were said to be highly upset when they returned to their campervan at Signal Station Lookout, Omapere to find that thieves had broken in and stolen a bag containing a large amount of foreign cash, camera gear and personal items.

Northland seems to have been having more than its fair share of attacks and robberies on tourists of late, it’s almost a month since two other German tourists were attacked and robbed on the street in Paihia .

We think that tourists should be given more information about how to keep themselves and their possessions safe and be allowed to rent secure safety deposit boxes (for a nominal charge) at local banks and post office whilst staying in the region. Perhaps if all the crims knew that tourists’ cash was safely locked up they’d be less interested in them?

Other recent attacks on tourists in Northland include:
* Two American tourists who were robbed of their backpack in Shipwreck Bay in September.
* Threee Chinese tourists who were attacked and robbed south of 90 Mile Beach at month earlier
* Anthony Cressend, a French tourist, who was beaten and robbed at a campsite in Ahipara.

But we strongly suspect that there may be more than this.

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