Jobs For Kiwis: Skilled Migrants Not Getting A Fair Deal On Work Permit Extensions

The Motor Trade Association has added its voice to the outcry over the ‘jobs for Kiwis’ policy which has resulted in some migrants being denied work permit renewals, despite holding secure jobs. Many migrants are being told to leave NZ just weeks after their extensions are refused or warned to face the consequences of remaining in the country illegally.

“Motor Trade Association (MTA) spokesman Andy Cuming has called for permit extensions for some workers.

He said migrants who kept their jobs and continued to have the support of their employers should be granted renewal of existing work permits.

Mr Cuming MTA members hailed the contribution a number of skilled migrants had made to the industry and economy.

There are cases now where permits are not being extended, and hard-working contributors are being advised they are no longer required in New Zealand — despite employers wanting them.”

He added changing the rules for such workers, brought in when there were skill shortages, was not a fair deal and did not reflect well on New Zealand.

The issue was “an unnecessary and unwelcome” consequence of reclassifying skilled shortage areas.”

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