Christchurch’s "Terrorism" Hits World News

From an article in  The Press by Ian Steward

“Christchurch’s boy racers have again hit the headlines overseas, with a German magazine saying residents are afraid of car-based “terrorism“.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the article was an accurate reflection of Christchurch: “It’s a problem we have. It is something that happens here and it’s an interesting social phenomenon, which I presume is the angle they’re coming from.”

Geo, a German magazine similar to National Geographic, devoted its October-November issue to New Zealand, with 14 positive articles on subjects ranging from kakapo and conservation to rugby, fish and chips, baches and adventure tourism.

The article on Christchurch was called “Frenzy of the youth“. It featured pictures of boy racers in belligerent poses, drinking, wheel-spinning and hanging out on streets such as Moorhouse Ave…

View Larger Map of Moorhouse Avenue

…A German television programme devoted an episode to Christchurch’s car culture in January. The German article details a night with Matt and Megan, who go to parties at crossroads and indulge in illegal street racing to relieve boredom.

The article said Matt put his telephone number on his rear window so others could contact him.
“Perhaps for a little race out at McLeans Island. Or for a meeting at the supermarket car park on Main South Road for a bit of drifting? On an oil patch, to hear the new album from Eminem, or see whatever else is up.”

The article focuses on statistics showing that Christchurch people, particularly women and the elderly, are afraid in their city after dark….”

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Right Wing Vigilante Group

The garden city has been getting some really bad press recently, it wasn’t so long ago that it was being forced to defend itself against the dubious honour of being dubbed the nation’s crime capital.

Just yesterday Mr Steward wrote an article which began with  “A ‘white pride’ group, Right Wing Resistance (RWR), claims to be patrolling New Brighton streets that “the police and the system has all but given up on“. The piece went on to explain how the group, who some would label “skinheads” have taken it upon themselves to do something because the locals “were getting very upset with youths, particularly Polynesian youths, standing over people and vandalising.”

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