New Zealand’s 25 Cromwell Street

“You can smell the death, I was dry retching. The smell is horrific.”

Two bodies have been found beneath a house in Christchurch and the 32 year old owner of the property has been charged with murder. The deceased are thought to be the wife of the accused and Trisha Lowry, a neighbour who went missing a year ago.

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The Herald has published an account by a neighbour Shanita Araipu who once rented the house from the accused and his wife whilst they were away for a year. The article states that Ms Araipu said that the property was covered in bloodstains
“Every single room had damage. There were holes in the walls and none of the doors had door handles except the cupboard where the manhole is,” she said. “There were bloodstains on the ground – they were covered with rubbish. There was a lot of blood on one of the bedroom floors – and spattered on door frames. It was before Tisha went missing though.”

When she complained about the state that the house was in the owner told her it was from the dog but questions are bound to be asked about the fate of missing persons at around that time.
Ms Araipu now lives next to the house and says that the smell of decay has become overpowering as police rip up floorboards to get at the bodies concealed in a manhole beneath.