Bishop Viard College: Second Attack In A School This Week

The New Zealand Herald is this morning reporting another violent invasion of a school – Bishop Viard School in Porirua.

It’s too early to say whether this is a copycat of Tuesday’s invasion of Lynfield College, or whether it’s a manifestation of the rising violence in New Zealand’s schools. It comes just weeks after a massive brawl at an Auckland Grammar School v. Kelston Boys rugby match in which up to to 100 students and drunken spectators took part.

In March 50 year old teacher David Warren, a teacher, was stabbed in the back by a student whilst teaching a class at at Avondale College, Auckland and in July 2006 66 year old Lois Dear, a teacher at Strathmore School was sexually assaulted and murdered in her classroom.

Bishop Viard School describes itself as “an integrated co-educational Catholic school providing a Christian learning environment for Forms 1-7 (Year 7 – 13) students and encompasses the parishes of Elsdon, Plimmerton, Porirua, Tawa and Titahi Bay, Viard reflects the community view that its young people should be educated in a particular and special environment.

Thursday Sep 03, 2009
By Alanah May Eriksen with Newstalk ZB, From

“Police are investigating another incident at a secondary school.
About 20 boys, believed to be from Mana College in Porirua, allegedly went to Bishop Viard College at lunch time and threatened students on the rugby field. It is understood they were armed with a baseball bat.
The incident follows two attacks at two other secondary schools this week.
A student was attacked while he was attending class at Lynfield College in west Auckland and a Thai home stay student was beaten up on a bus in Christchurch by fellow Avonside Girls High School students.
The Lynfield College student who led a group of armed teenagers to a classroom where they beat up a 14-year-old boy has been suspended from school.”

Read more of the report here: Police investigate another incident at secondary school
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4 thoughts on “Bishop Viard College: Second Attack In A School This Week

    • Maybe you students should spend a little more time learning at school, like how to spell, and how to communicate without refering to swearing and other neanderthol language?? I promise you that if you focus more on studies and improving yourself, you will go really far and be very successful. On the other you could just be a no hoper and struggle, so good law abiding, tax paying citizens like myself have to struggle more and more so the Government can continue to feed,house,clothe you and worst of all give you money to do nothing!!! Good luck with your future choices

  1. u dnt even noe what happend fuk ur stupid who eva made this an mana can get fuked it was between our 5th formers an ur 5th formers bt they droped so u gt ur 7th formers and we stil fuked u up use r pussys bringing bats and shit

    • So many Kiwi kids write and speak like this. It contrasts so horribly with the Ye Olde Respectfulle names of their schools. If I were not still stuck here, with a Kiwi ex-wife and half-Kiwi kid of my own unfortunately enrolled in one of these schools, it would crack me up. How did he manage to type out the word “anonymous” properly?

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