3 Chinese Tourists Robbed, Beaten At Knifepoint By The Men They Tried To Help

“Impressions of our country have been shattered”

“Police say three Chinese tourists who were robbed in the Far North at knifepoint by men they had stopped to help yesterday are “stunned and shocked” at the incident.

The attack happened on a stretch of gravel road which runs through Te Paki Reserves and farm land leading to Te Paki Stream and 90 Mile Beach, from State Highway 1F.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Beatson from Kaitaia police said the tourists had been hailed by two Maori men in a maroon coloured station wagon, who claimed they were lost.

When they stopped to help, the touring group was set upon by the two men who assaulted them, produced knives and then demanded money and property. Mr Beatson said.

“It was the worst possible thing that could have happened to them when they went out of their way to help these two men.

“They had come to New Zealand fully believing it was a safe place to holiday and now their holiday and impressions of our country have been shattered…..”

Read more here: Chinese tourists robbed at knife point.

This type of crime is not an isolated incident, it comes just weeks after news of French man Antony Cressend’s violent attack on a Northland campsite in Ahipara which is approximately 100km south of Te Paki at the foot of 90 Mile Beach.

Also in the news this week – the trial of 4 men for the brutal bashing of two innocent young couples in North Shore, (one couple was Russian) and the attack on teenager Blake Coleman who was scarred for life with a hammer in Palmerston North.

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