Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar Schools Students and Spectators In Punch Up

A truly disgusting display of violence from two of New Zealand’s top high schools when over 100 people including students and spectators (some of them drunk) clashed in a mass punch up.

The cause was said to be racial insults and other taunts. It’s time to send a message that violence will not be tolerated in NZ, neither will racism, and that a sense of fair play and sportsmanship still exists even at a junior level. Some of these kids may well be tomorrow’s All Blacks.

Some public reactions to the brawl. These are of the very many answers to the question posed by the NZ Herald:

Schoolboy rugby brawl: is this reflective of our society?

Ashley (Auckland central)

Of course it is, but we’ve always been a violent society. It’s pathetic really, at primary school the kids that are respected/feared are the bullies, and it’s tolerated, even celebrated. Boys need to be tough and all that drivel. Once we change this mindset, from the primary level up, and make violence deplorable, then and only then will things change. Thuggery and machismo, what an unsophisticated and uncultured combination, and we have it in NZ in spades.

Nathan (St Lukes)

The school match spectator behaviour is becoming worse every year. What are we teaching our young people?
There used to be a word called sportmanship. If we cannot control the spectator behaviour adult spectators must be banned from the matches. Only the school students from participating should be allowed. The students behaviour should be monitored by school prefects and teachers. If parents cannot behave then I see no other alternative.

Doctor Don (Auckland)

I note in the video/pictures there was a young lady who was caught up in the brawl. While it appeared she was trying to separate players, one of the Kelston players struck out at her. This is disgusting and this player needs criminal charges to be placed against him.

What we saw is the reason why Auckland rugby are no longer the dominant force in NZ rugby. You have some lads of Pacific origins who are first twice the size of their European counterparts, and they are violent and resort to using their fists when things go wrong and they start losing.

The children from the Pacific have a natural talent, the kids with European backgrounds can analyse and run the game.but more and more leave the sport before they hit their physical maturity due to losing the desire, through being knocked out of the game.

2 thoughts on “Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar Schools Students and Spectators In Punch Up

  1. I agree the spectators should've stopped it, perhaps they would've been a bit more rational if they'd all been sober?

    The sentences given out to Kelston did seem to be disproportionate to those given to Auckland Boys and it does make one wonder why that was the case. If there was a miscarriage of justice it should be sorted out in the appeal.

    At the end of the day though it takes 'two' to get into a fight so perhaps both sides would benefit from a talk about self control from David Tua and learn to channel their aggression more appropriately during a sporting event.

    The best way for Kelston to pay-out Auckland Boys will be to win against them the next time they meet.

  2. Jordan – South Auckland

    Fights happen. All those spectators that got involved should have stopped it not got in there and encouraged it. We cant blame these boys for what happened if we truely dont know who really started it. Things get said on the field by the players that we dont know of. The punishment for kelston boys was uncalled for and some of those auckland boys should own up to some of there actions. You cant tell me its all kelstons fault because its not. Some of these boys all they live for is rugby and now your taking it away from them which isnt fear. You cant tell me if something like this was to happen between the all blacks and another country that they would get punished like this because they wouldnt. I think that kelston should get the same ban as auckland boys they both know that they have done wrong. Stop taking away the one thing these boys love because you destroy there lives.

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