Another Migrant Family Left High And Dry

Lincoln Tan of the New Zealand Herald has written another story about a family left jobless and stranded by the effects of ‘jobs for kiwis’ type policies.

This time it’s a mother and her two children. The mum is gainfully employed as a very much needed residential care worker. When she applied for a renewal of her work permit Immigration New Zealand (INZ) “decided not to renew it”.

She’s appealing against that decision and INZ been placed her on a visitor’s permit until the outcome is known, this means she can no longer work and is left without an income. Her two children are also on the same permits, which means they can’t go to school. It’s a disaster for one of them because she’s doing her NCEA level 1 this year and dreams of becoming a nurse (another much needed occupation in NZ)

The Herald reports that the school of one of the children said it has two other families in similar positions. An Auckland immigration advisor Tika Ram said he had three clients with children in the same situation. Read more of the story here: Teens barred from returning to school.

It’s an absolutely appalling situation. Employers are losing hard working staff, tax paying migrants are put out of work and young lives are either put on hold or ruined. Meanwhile middle income New Zealanders with three properties and a second income can entertain the idea of claiming unemployment benefit rather than touch their sizable nest eggs? Let’s hope they don’t need residential care or nurses any time soon.
See Jobs for Kiwis for background

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