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“Carping Kiwis” article picked up by NZ press

April 21, 2014 7 comments

carping kiwis

The lead article on today’s NZ Herald web page

As we predicted, the New Zealand press have at last picked up on the carping Kiwis article in the Australian Courier newspaper we wrote about yesterday.

The Herald used the example of a New Zealander living on the Gold Coast as an illustration

Tim Baker, a 40-year-old Kiwi living on the Gold Coast, wasn’t surprised by the survey results.

While Kiwi-Aussies might seem a “miserable lot”, many had good reason to grumble, he said.

“We are basically second-class citizens over here.

“I’ve moved here with my Australian wife, had three kids here who are Australians, I have worked here pretty much the whole time and I have bought property. But when I got laid off, what could I get? Nothing.”

Of course a balanced report may have questioned why Mr Baker didn’t decide use his time in employment to apply for permanent residency in Australia, why he didn’t give himself and his family long term security in their new country. This is what migrants from other countries do. It’s what migrants in New Zealand are expected to do. Why aren’t New Zealanders in Australia doing it too?

The Herald says it costs Kiwis more than migrants from other countries to obtain Australian citizenship $3800 vs. A$800 but that figure of A$800 looks very low. We think it’s because migrants from other countries have already paid out thousands for permanent residency (PR) and citizenship for them is simply a ‘top up’ to seal the deal. New Zealanders would have to start from scratch – paying for PR, waiting for the residency requirement to elapse and then going for citizenship. Some may say it’s worth the investment to obtain the security.

Currently only New Zealanders holding a special category visa before 26 February 2001 are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship straight off. Any New Zealanders arriving since then have to apply for permanent residency first, just like any other migrant group has toif they wish to access certain social security payments, obtain Australian citizenship or sponsor their family members for permanent residence.” source

The question here should be why aren’t Kiwis applying for PR in Australia instead of complaining that they can’t access some social security payments.

You can read the full article by the Herald here

Interestingly, the Herald hasn’t yet allowed comments from its readers.

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Suspicious, “Carping Kiwis” are Australia’s Most Hard to Please Migrants

April 20, 2014 5 comments


New Zealanders in Australia are hard to please


New Zealanders migrating to Australia find plenty to whinge about in the ‘lucky country’ according to new research by Monash University for the non-profit Scanlon Foundation.

New Zealand is the third largest source of new residents for Australia and Kiwis have easier access to work in Australia than any other nationality, yet despite that they’ve still found plenty to complain about.

According to the Australian Courier Mail, lack of access to some state benefits is one thing that’s giving Kiwis plenty to carp about.

“Recent arrivals from New Zealand are more unhappy with their financial situation than any other group, with 40 per cent describing themselves as “dissatisfied’’ or “very dissatisfied’’.

Some 46 per cent of the Kiwi respondents say they are poor, struggling or just getting along – the second-worst result after people from Asian countries other than China/Hong Kong, Malaysia or Indonesia.

“A lot of people see Australia as an opportunity to come and get work and that’s often not the reality,’’ said Sarai Tuuga from the Boystown charity in Logan where one in 10 of the population was born in New Zealand.

“There is a lack of access to income support and limited access to job-seeking services. I don’t know that that is widely-known (before people come),” she said.

Kiwis are the group least likely to see Australians as “caring, friendly, hospitable people’’, with just 1 per cent of New Zealanders nominating that as one of the things they most like about this country…”

Kiwis are suspicious and reluctant to integrate

“They are also among the most suspicious of others. Only 22 per cent said they believed that, generally speaking, people can be trusted and 63.2 per cent reckon ‘’you can’t be too careful’’.

Just over a quarter said they had been on the receiving end of discrimination because of their background – more than twice the level among Brits.

And New Zealanders are in the top-three migrant groups who believe it is unsafe to walk the streets at night in Australia.

Only a third of Kiwi migrants say they identify as Australian – compared to three-quarters of those from India and half from the UK.

And while 92 per cent of Chinese migrants who arrived between 1990 and 2005 have become Aussie citizens, just 41 per cent of New Zealanders have done so – the lowest of any group of arrivals…”

Looks like you can take the migrant out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the migrant. You can read the full article here.

As ever, the devil is in the detail of the comments section of which there was plenty (see a selection below) and they’re sure to grow as word gets round, there were about 30 comments when we first looked and over 100 by 8pm NZ time.

It won’t be long until the NZ press get a hold of this, it will be interesting to see how they spin it and if it is used to whip up some more ant-Australian rhetoric. Keep an eye out for it in the coming days.


Tell me about it! Every one of them I’ve met whinge. They seem to think that Australia is somehow attached to New Zealand and they should be able to fly in and live here with all restrictions dropped. We are 2 separate countries! They can just fly in and work and take our jobs. What more do they want? New Zealand is also a back door to gain entry here. Their government will let anyone in so other nationalities get citizenship there first, then migrate here. I also wish they would drop this “AS” thing following everything they say. Our school kids have picked it up and it’s annoying AS.


A mate of mine who has been working rebuilding Christchurch woke yesterday to 4 deg and didn’t enjoy a max of 13 deg. He rang me last night to say is it any wonder they gravitate to Qld. He can’t wait for his contract to finish. Kiwis have nothing to complain about. If they do, they can go back home and freeze their butts off.


I think you will find that the kiwis claiming to be poor have south sea island heritage, they go through NZ to get to Australia. The loophole is that those countries citizens have entitled access into NZ, once there they get a passport and then are entitled to migrate to Australia, if they tried to come directly to Australia they could not and would be required to undertake our immigration selection process.

Cam S:

Absolutely correct Sue.  The New Zealand Government is at fault here, and needs to tighten up on their immigration rules.  They accept dirt poor, uneducated people from the pacific, who are unskilled, basically illiterate ,and speak very poor English, with the full understanding that they will migrate to Australia, and become Australia’s problem.   Before we have an exercise in Kiwi bashing, I think we need to understand that most of these people claiming to be New Zealanders are actually from somewhere else.


This is a bigger challenge to the Australian economy than asylum seekers.  Far too many of the Kiwi’s who hit our shores arrive without any requirement around skills, financial security or any potential to contribute in a meaningful way to the Australian economy or future.  New Zealander’s should be subjected to the same visa requirements as everyone else.  I have business colleagues in NZ who laugh at Australia’s immigration policy and are grateful for us taking their less credentialed kin.  Saves NZ having to accommodate them.  Why do we insist on being the joke of the world.


I agree. We have too many New Zealand citizens arriving in Australia without properly researching their entitlements and expecting to be propped up with Australian government benefits.  If New Zealand citizens do not have a job to come to in Australia, they should not be allowed to move here. The SCV444 is a temporary visa, but many New Zealand citizens believe they should have the right to vote, and receive pensions and payments that are only afforded to Australian citizens.  Australia must have the right to determine who becomes Australian citizens.


No access to welfare entitlements despite paying taxes”.  Join the queue behind the Aussies.  I have paid taxes all my life and never received any middle class welfare.  Bought my house before there were handouts for first home buyers.  Had my kids before there were baby bonuses.  Never received any child tax payments because i have always just been above the threshold.  Now im probably not going to get a pension.  Stop winging – even hard working Australians arent entitled to anything.


@Constantine  how right you are I arrived in aussie 1978 worked hard because of my work qualifications in the justice system  and on my own with no help no hand outs brought and paid for my own home and now am 74yrs old on a pension have paid full taxes since I arrived and never had any pension what so ever Oh I am a kiwi ex vet who found that I was treated by the kiwis when I arrived home from overseas service in Vietnam  by all sorts of names so that is why I came here and lived in Logan city.





NZ TV News Anti-British, Anti-Australian. Everyday Racism in New Zealand

April 18, 2014 16 comments


Thank you to the reader who sent in this news snippet.

Are you emigrating to New Zealand and want to get a feeling for the strength of anti-British and anti-Australian rhetoric? then watch the above video, taken only hours after William, Catherine and George left New Zealand for Australia:  A news report by TV3 journalist Hilary Barry, née Pankhurst, “a New Zealand journalist and television personality who currently presents the 6 pm 3 News.” She won the Best News or Current Affair Presenter award at the 2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards. TV Guide’s Best on The Box award for Best Presenter. In 2012 she won the Radio Award for Best Newsreader and in March 2013, she once again won the TV Guide’s Best on The Box award for Best Presenter.

This is everyday racism in New Zealand.

This folks, is a national news broadcast but no apology is likely to be given to the thousands of British and Australian people it will offend in New Zealand. They have to suck it up, it’s their problem if they’re sensitive enough to find it objectionable. That’s social progress for you!

And by the way, other countries allow their free press to make comments about the weather. It’s called journalism and not being part of a PR machine. If New Zealand was wet and miserable it’s actually ok to say that.

Seen on the front page of 19 April

more hate from NZ

NZ is clearly obsessed with feelings of loss to Australia


Not only is this everyday racism pathetic from a country that has just managed to top the Social Progress Index but it’s an example of New Zealand’s lack of joined-up thinking. William, Catherine and George also happen to be British and the monarchy they represent has the  Queen as the head of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. But don’t let that come in the way of a good insult, or legitimizing bigotry and hatred.

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New Zealand is turning into a really racist country Forum

April 17, 2014 1 comment

Please visit our new forum at

You can use the forum to talk about relevant issues and as a means to contact each other via the private messaging system.

We’re open to suggestions from you about the direction you’d like the forum to take.

Normal comments guidelines apply.



Christchurch Earthquake: Elderly Russian Immigrants Nikolai and Irina Zvyagin STILL Homeless in Socially Progressive New Zealand

April 14, 2014 2 comments

Two elderly Russian immigrants, primarily made homeless by the Christchurch earthquakes, say they have been forced out of a friend’s garage by Housing New Zealand.

Ironically they are on a wait list for accommodation with the same agency that has just removed the roof from over their heads – Housing New Zealand, but there are 71 other applications ahead of theirs.

They’re now living in a car in socially progressive New Zealand, recently deemed to be in the top four countries in Social Progress Index for access to water and sanitation, and tolerance and inclusion of minority groups.

Mr and Mrs Zvyagin live on disability benefits and their Russian pension, they have a combined income of about $350 a week.

According to the Marlborough Express

Nikolai, 67, and Irina, 68, Zvyagin were on Friday forced from the garage where they shared a single camp stretcher for weeks while they waited for state housing.

They are two of 272 Cantabrians on Housing New Zealand’s (HNZ) priority A waiting list – a number that has grown by 100 people since December…

The Zvyagins had been living in Oxana Pyntya’s garage, until HNZ threatened to terminate Pyntya’s contract unless the Zvyagins were gone by Friday.

They intended on sleeping in their tiny car, or pitching a tent in a city park near a toilet, but luckily had one last night with a roof over their heads.

When The Press highlighted their plight yesterday, the couple were inundated with offers for accommodation and support.

But wary the temporary solution would jeopardise their place on the state housing waiting list, they gracefully declined help until they could find a permanent home…”

Offered to repair empty home next door

Mr Zvyagin told the paper if they wanted to stay in the garage they’d be taken off the emergency waiting list. Presumably when they refused they were made to leave.

“Just two days ago HNZ suggested us to keep living in the garage in return for taking us off their emergency waiting list.”

Nikolai Zvyagin was so desperate he wrote to HNZ asking to move into an empty state house next door, and offered to carry out the repair work himself.

However, Housing New Zealand regional manager southern Symon Leggett said the units had “significant structural damage” and were unsafe.

Ad Feedback <img src=”″ border=0 width=300 height=250>

Leggett said the Zvyagins had “high priority” for housing, and had spoken to them about other options.” more here

Guess the other options included garages in the area?

It is disgusting that three years after the earthquake people are still waiting for emergency accommodation, whatever happened to all those portable dwellings the government was going to provide before the money went on cardboard cathedrals?  You may be forgiven for thinking that this situation is far worse than third world: this couple doesn’t even have a tent or a  place to sleep.

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“I don’t know if I am allowed to do this. We have lived through all the earthquakes and seen the affects on the people who are living in cars, under piles of rubbish, etc, three or more families to a small unit. It is shocking and hard not to be able to help. We need financial help ourselves. We moved into  a place the night before the first earthquake, my husband was driving at the time and was stopped by divine intervention just before a building landed on the road in front of him,  which would have crushed him had he been further along the road. We have been looked after and kept safe during the whole time from divine help.

We have lived in our car  for a few weeks and had to move several times due to damaged properties and my health. My husband has just lost his job and we are about to be out of another home and in the car again because we have had to juggle money so much with the rising rents, etc.  It has been a matter of do we pay the rent and bills, rent and food, or food and bills, it is an impossible situation, with people telling us to get budgeting advice. We do our best.

We are only one of many managing in Christchurch like this now, I wish the government would help the little people here and look at the real issues. I want Christchurch rebuilt, but you need to provide for the people first. How can letting the people here starve and live on the streets help with a proper rebuild? The people are the city. I am asking if I am allowed to put this message begging for financial help at least for my  husband and myself urgently if this message is allowed to be posted. I don’t want to live in a car again, please help us. We are just one family of many  living it hard in Christchurch.” source

July 2014: Immigrants Caught In Cold Poverty Trap


MaggieB!23 hours ago

Leggat (housing NZ) said he had spoken about other options. What are they? There are none, as why would they be staying in a car or garage? And why on earth are they told they can sleep in the garage, or presumably take other temporary offers of help, but that this would take them off the waiting list? Why are they not challenged on this? Sick, elderly people being told they have to sleep rough in cold, dangerous conditions (people have been burgled and attacked when sleeping in cars) as otherwise they are off the waiting list? What is the reasoning behind such a nonsenical, cruel policy? Is it not clear how desperate they are? Could journalists please pursue this further with Housing NZ and the govt as this is just not acceptable and should be a national disgrace!



Socially Progressive New Zealand, a Nation of Middle-Class Substance Abusers

April 14, 2014 2 comments

NZ's middle class has a problem

NZ’s middle-class has a problem

Isn’t it interesting to see how New Zealand rates on indexes that aren’t complied from official government data.

Read this Stuff article about substance abuse in New Zealand’s middle classes, it doesn’t fit well with New Zealand recently topping the Social Progress Index despite never being ranked in it before. It raises questions as to why the country’s more comfortable classes feel the need to self medicate to such an extent.


It’s how we’re drinking . . . and smoking and snorting

by Shane Cowlishaw

“An invisible swath of middle-class New Zealanders are drinking heavily and indulging in drugs, a new survey has found.

Fairfax Media’s involvement in the Global Drugs Survey on worldwide drug use has for the first time revealed how entrenched alcohol and drugs – both legal and illegal – are in our everyday lives…

The survey reveals interesting and shocking glimpses into the drug habits of the 5731 New Zealand respondents, who had a mean age of 34.7, about half of whom had an undergraduate degree, and 84 per cent of whom were employed…

Survey founder Adam Winstock – a British addiction specialist – said Kiwis appeared to use cannabis responsibly, but their attitudes towards alcohol were worrying.

A large proportion of survey respondents recorded heavy drinking behaviour, but almost half of them believed their drinking was average or less than average compared with others, he said.

Three-quarters of respondents had used illegal drugs during their lifetime, and almost half had used them in the past year, but legal highs were considered to be detrimental to users’ health.

Prescription painkillers were also popular, raising concerns about ease of access to opiates such as oxycodone…” read the full article here




Foreign Doctors Squeezed Out of Jobs in Socially Progressive New Zealand, Priority Given to ‘Local’ Doctors.

April 10, 2014 14 comments


Radio New Zealand report. Click on image to listen

Are you a doctor considering emigrating to New Zealand?

You may want to listen to this report from Radio New Zealand before you pay for your work visa. Immigrants have passed the exam but are at the bottom of the queue for jobs. However, they are still being admitted to New Zealand to look for work.

Out of 100 migrants who sat the exam last year only 50 passed, out of that only 25 found a job. One young Indian doctor could only find work as a part time receptionist.

We’re not getting employment anywhere and everyone has just washed their hands of us

New Zealand trained doctors are staying put and not emigrating overseas, employers are facing a glut of British and Irish trained doctors they’ve recruited in the interim.

So what we have now is foreign doctors who are good enough to satisfy the extremely costly visa and registration processes but unlikely to be employed as a doctor when they look for a position.

Perhaps its time that someone was truthful with them? because this is starting to look like a rort. The executive chair of Health Workforce New Zealand, Des Gorman, said in the interview

our priority is clearly New Zealanders studying in New Zealand medical schools

Maybe that statement should be printed on the visa application form, or the occupation of doctor should be removed from the skills shortage list. Because it looks like there are more than enough locally trained doctors and there is no shortage.

About Health Workforce New Zealand

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) was set up in 2009 to provide national leadership on the development of the country’s health and disability workforce.

It has overall responsibility for planning and development of the health workforce, ensuring that staffing issues are aligned with planning on delivery of services and that our healthcare workforce is fit for purpose.

It combines many of the workforce development functions previously undertaken by the Ministry of Health and has assumed responsibility for the work of the Clinical Training Agency (now known as Investment Relationships and Purchasing).

Organisational structure

HWNZ is a business unit of the National Health Board and its work is overseen by an independent board chaired by Professor Des Gorman with board members from business and across the health sector.

It is led by Dr Graeme Benny, and is organised into two teams – workforce intelligence and planning, and strategic education and training investment.

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