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All Blacks Snubbed The 2015 World Cup Ad. “It’s Too Big to Miss”- No Branding Permitted

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s nearly Rugby World Cup time again! and the first official ad for the tournament has been released.

The short film is headlined by the British actor Charles Dance and has distinct Westeros overtones. As you know, Lannisters love their rugby and always pay their debts. It features players from all the participating counties except New Zealand.

Apparently the Kiwi team declined to participate, despite being the current holders of the cup. In New Zealand speak that usually means money (or the lack of it) was involved.

According to the NZ Herald the ad had to be shot in such a way that sponsor’s brand logos didn’t appear. It’s a pity the ABs could detach themselves from their branding for 2 seconds to film a couple of their players. But, watch the ad and see how many brands you can spot.

After nanny Herald had pointed it out to them

“…many Kiwis noticed there was no reference to the All Blacks in the ad that includes England, Wales, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Italy, France, Tonga, Samoa and Canada.

England Rugby spokeswoman Joanna Manning-Cooper said the team was represented, they were just a bit hard to spot.

“In the film, one parent of the little boy who squeezes between his parents’ legs is an All Black fan – you may need to look more closely than usual as the tournament brand guidelines meant we had to remove the AIG sponsor branding from the NZ shirts.”

Another shot in the film showed a player from the shoulders down dressed in black, though no silver fern logo was visible.

“We had to shoot the film in such a way that sponsor brands which appear on the shirts of any team which aren’t official RWC sponsors, aren’t visible,” Ms Manning-Cooper said. The All Blacks featured in print ads…” source

But then in a country that is so obsessed with branding is it so surprising that the ABs identity so entwined with that of their sponsors that they can’t appear without it? That loyalty is reflected in the price of a AB’s  supporter’s shirt, usually enough to put the average Kiwi into debt. Maybe Mr Dance can help out with that.

Tickets go on sale on 12 Sept.

The Rallying Call

“People from Newcastle, are you ready to show the world what a real Geordie welcome is?

“Leeds, Manchester, Brighton, you are the backbone of this country, ready to stand proud?

“Cardiff, Gloucester, Milton Keynes – you are our shoulders, are you ready to carry a legion of fans who have travelled far and wide – of course you are.

“We are going to raise the roof on every stadium from the North East to the South West

“This wil be the biggest, the finest, most glorious Rugby World Cup ever.

It’s too big to miss.”

Unless you’re an All Black that is :)




Fatal Shootings At Ashburton WINZ Office, Police Siege Ongoing

September 1, 2014 3 comments


Desperate John Tully is said to be seeking 'death by cop'

Desperate John Tully is said to be seeking ‘death by cop’

Another shooting rampage has occurred in New Zealand, this time in the small Canterbury township of Ashburton.

One news report stated

POLICE have named the suspect in a shooting rampage at a government job agency in New Zealand that claimed two lives.

A man wearing a black balaclava entered the Work and Income office (WINZ) in the South Island town of Ashburton just after 10am and fired a gun, police said.

Two people were shot dead, police confirmed, with a third in a serious but stable condition.

The man was seen leaving on a bicycle afterwards and is still on the loose.

Police say the “alleged offender and a person of interest” is John Henry Tully.

Police say it is believed the 48-year-old was last seen wearing camouflage clothing and a balaclava, and may have been in the possession of a sawn-off shotgun.

Canterbury District Superintendent Gary Knowles said Tully, 48, may have shaved his head…

Tully, who has a debilitating illness had returned home to New Zealand to die, he’d recently be made homeless.

ONE News reporter Donna-Marie Lever says she has been told by residents that the man is a local and that he “did have an axe to grind with the WINZ and had been trespassed from the office in the past.”

Lever said she understands the man was very calm when he entered the office, but that there was a lot of screaming after the shooting and that he was yelling as he fled the scene…

You’ve blown her to bits

One witness, who didn’t want to be named, said he saw a staff member from Work and Income run from the shop after the shooter yelling “You bastard, you’ve blown her to bits”, The New Zealand Herald reported.

A postie at a business across the road heard the man screaming and swearing as he left the building…

The incident is ongoing and the alleged shooter is said to be holed up somewhere in the town. Residents are advised to stay indoors and lock their doors until he is found.

It has prompted nationwide discussions on the effects the present NZ government’s policies are having on vulnerable people, and their treatment by government workers. This post appears on the TradeMe forum today, there is no indication of the location of this particular WINZ office.


WINZ staff criticized for bullying

Our deepest condolences are extended to the families and colleagues of the deceased.


If you, or anyone you know, has fallen foul of WINZ guidlines or hardline policies we’d like to hear from you.


Transparency International Flags Warning Over NZ’s #DirtyPolitics Debacle, Corruption Taints NZ Reputation

August 28, 2014 3 comments

Transparency report highlights our dirty politics

A new report by Transparency International has called for “serious and urgent action” to protect government integrity and highlights the dirty politics played by National, Labour’s State Services spokesperson Maryan Street says.

“This latest report highlighted concerns about appointments to boards and high level public sector positions, a decline in the quality of public service advice, transparency around lobbying of MPs and Ministers and government independence from business interests.

“One example was the Prime Minister’s involvement in direct negotiation with SkyCity over the convention centre in exchange for changes to gambling rules. The Office of the Auditor-General found a lack of due process led to a perception of favouritism. Transparency International also said National’s decision-making process failed to meet ‘established principles of fiscal transparency’.

The report also stressed the need for the Government to reassure the public it is using its powers in the public interest, especially with respect to appointments. New Zealanders deserve better than John Key phoning his old school friend when the Government Communications and Security Bureau was looking for a new boss.

“Unfortunately, the report’s first two recommendations rely on the Justice Ministry to lead a comprehensive National Anti-Corruption Strategy and develop an ambitious Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership.

“It would be perverse for that to be overseen by Judith Collins, whose integrity is under question after becoming repeatedly embroiled in scandals involving favourable treatment of her friends and family.

“The Justice Minister’s use of her Ministerial position to advantage her husband’s company Oravida stands as an example of everything we need to guard against. Her release of the private details of a public servant to a destructive blogger make her unfit to oversee a plan for open government. She clearly misunderstands the term. New Zealand would be a laughing stock if she was in charge.

“There is much work to be done to clean up our systems and maintain our reputation internationally. However, John Key and Judith Collins are not the people to do that,” Maryan Street says.”

Press release from the NZ Labour Party.

More From #Dirtypolitics and Politics Talk on Twitter

August 27, 2014 Leave a comment

More of the best tweets relating Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics and party politics in New Zealand. Four weeks to go until the election.

Migrant Tales – The Nurse’s Story

August 26, 2014 2 comments

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent to us by a registered nurse who came over from Australia. The author tells of registration stuff-ups, the job being over-sold, under-staffing putting professional reputations at serious risk and how New Zealand is expensive but pretty.

I’m a registered nurse and I came to NZ a year ago from OZ, relocated because got married after a couple of years of long term relationship.

My frustrations:
Took 6-7 months to have my NZ registration + annual practicing certificated processed. I was told that there was an earthquake in Wellington (Location of nursing council) and that’s why it delayed the whole process.

When I’ve finally received my registration – incorrect spelling (name) on the registration certificate. I e-mail + called the council so many times: zero replies. Ended up sending an angry e-mail …got a reply immediately after.

Had to send that registration certificate back to the council in order to get a newly updated, correct spelling certificate. Took…them 2.5 weeks to do it.

Yes I know things are done real slow here, but isn’t this a bit too slow?

So everything said during interview turned out to be…different, completely different. There isn’t a lot of support and it’s so understaffed here that I find I’m placing my career in danger with these unsafe practices. During work orientation, everything looks good in words – verbal and in written, but in reality it doesn’t seems to be as good as gold?

Question: Is there a huge difference between the public sector and the private?

I’m sorry to say this but I honestly do misses working in Australia, at least the nurses are being looked after. Used to think how much problems there is in OZ but now I feel NZ is seriously washing my profession down the drain…

Apart from the “go back to your own country” sort of comments, any other suggestions? I like NZ, the pay is less but the views and scenery — Priceless. Yes it is expensive here compared to OZ (I’m serious), but the food qualities are actually very good and worth it’s price — we deserve a treat every now and then.

People here are nice too but I’ve had a few issues… well lots of issues with the South African Caucasians. Maybe it’s just personality clashes but seems like only them I have issues with?

Wished I had look at this thread earlier on, or even a year ago…

Thanks for all the comments peeps!

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Violent New Zealand. Police Officer Shot in Hamilton Supermarket Carpark

August 25, 2014 1 comment
Zeb McCallion. Police officer shot in Hamilton, NZ

Zeb McCallion. Police officer shot in Hamilton, NZ

Hamilton has long had a reputation as a boring town with a gang problem. But, today’s shooting of a police officer in a supermarket car park of all places, will shock many people inured to violence in New Zealand.

The NZ Herald has posted a picture of what looked like a sawn-off shotgun laying on the tarmac of the Mill Street PakN’Save.

The Herald stated that the shooting occurred after police followed a stolen vehicle into the parking area. That was linked to a police search for armed man Zeb McCallion.

About 30 police officers are at the scene, some of them armed at the entrances to the car park, and large areas of the car park are cordoned off.

Witnesses were being interviewed by police.

Shoppers with trolleys were being escorted out of the supermarket by police…

Attempted car hijacking, woman grabbed

A member of the public got caught up in the drama when the shooter tried to snatch her vehicle. She was the latest in a string of carjack victims in the small island nation.

The man tried to force a woman out of her car at the petrol bowser, but was unsuccessful.

“He had a woman by the scruff of her neck and he tried to haul her out. She had the good sense to hang onto the wheel, and not let go.”

By this time police had reached the man and Mr Strongman heard a gunshot.

The man was quickly apprehended by at least four police officers, he said.” more here

McCallion, bombs and home invasions

McCallion had previously threatened a Waikato family, stole their car and was carrying an explosive device at the time he’d invaded their home

Rangiriri man Zeb Lee Sonny McCallion, 35, is wanted by police following two incidents in the small town of Kihikihi on Sunday morning.

Police found an improvised explosive device (ed. NZ speak for home made bomb) stuffed into the pocket of his jacket, which was left on the front lawn after he broke into a house armed with a gun.

Acting Detective Inspector Mark Greene said the Defence Force’s explosive ordnance disposal team checked the device and “confirmed it was a live device with the potential to cause serious injury”… source 3News




Expatexposed Site Suspended. RIP?

August 25, 2014 6 comments


Despite assurances from the site’s owner that it would be kept as a repository of information about migrants in NZ, appears to have been offline for some time.

People wishing to retrieve information from are advised to use Google cache copies of pages before they are removed too.

For example. EXPLORE: What biases do you see in NZ media? maybe a good one to grab given the revelations made in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics



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