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Young Nats Buying and Burning “Dirty Politics” Book ? “Gypsies and Faggots” Looks Like the Rise of Fascism in NZ.

August 21, 2014 4 comments
NZ's Right wing students burn first and ask questions later.

NZ’s Right wing students burn first and ask questions later.

The Waikato Times today published a story saying the head of the Waikato Student’s union and a former member of the Young Nats is alleged to have bought 202 copies of Hager’s book “Dirty Politics” to burn. The youth wing of the National Party has previously been in the spotlight for anti-Semitism at its annual ball.

Here’s the Waikato Times story


Aaron Letcher has denied the claims, but the leader of NZ First Youth and a Waikato University source, who asked not to be named, said he did.

Letcher said the claims were false.

“There is nothing to it. I saw the allegations on Facebook by a NZ First person”

The Facebook page Letcher was referring to belongs to NZ First Youth leader Curwen Rolinson, who posted: “So apparently, the CNI Young Nats (and, assumedly, the NZ Young Nats) are buying up copies of Nicky Hager’s #DirtyPolitics . . . and burning them.”

Rolinson said he stood by his post.

His claims have been backed by a Waikato University student who saw the books in Letcher’s possession.

The source understood that Letcher had been given money from someone within the National Party to buy the books.

Letcher said: “I have one copy of the book and I haven’t finished it yet. I’m not involved in this.”

National Party MP for Hamilton West Tim Macindoe was surprised to learn of the allegations…

According to the university source, seven out of the 10 members of the Waikato University Student board are affiliated to the Young Nats group.

Central North Island Young Nats policy chairperson and campaign manager Jason Howarth backed Letcher, saying the claims were false.

Asked if he was 100 per cent sure Letcher did not have anything to do with the books, Howarth stated: “CNI Young Nats have not authorised or paid for any of Nicky Hager’s books.”

Asked what would be the consequence if a member of the Young Nats had been involved, Howarth said: “We would consider their involvement in the party.”

more here

Well, they would say that wouldn’t they. Meanwhile, the book continues to be printed and is also available in public libraries. It may also be purchased from online bookstores including

Comment from Twitter

“The Big List of John Key’s Lies”

August 21, 2014 Leave a comment

John Key is a stranger

British PM David Cameron and “unknown guest”

HT to the reader who sent us the link to this thread on r/NewZealand. Mr Key has a reputation for amnesia when asked hard questions.

His failure to remember his position on the apartheid sanction-busting Springbok tour of New Zealand in 1981 caused him to be ‘forgotten’ by the world’s media during the Nelson Mandela remembrance service (World’s Press Blasé About John Key: David Cameron’s “Unidentified Guest”).

The Huffington Post praised British PM Cameron for distancing himself from anti-apartheid policies and published an article headed New Zealand’s Leader Questioned Over Apartheid Amnesia. For background read Quotes of the Day – Unequal New Zealand and its Prime Minister’s “amnesic position” on Apartheid.

Back to the reddit thread then. You can read it here , it was compiled a couple of days ago by a character called GrammernOtgood, a redditor for 10 months.

The big list of John Key’s lies

1 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the Exclusive Brethren tactics. False[5] .

2 John Key claimed that he didn’t have Tranz Rail Shares. False.

3 John Key claimed that he didn’t own a vineyard. False

4 John Key claimed that he voted to keep the drinking age at 20. False[10] .

5 John Key claimed that he didn’t know about the renewal of the BMW contract in 2011. False[12] .

6 John Key claimed the wage gap between New Zealand and Australia had closed under the National government. False[13] .

7 John Key claimed that his office had no involvement with the SkyCity deal. False[14] .

8 John Key claimed that the Sky City deal will provide 1000 construction jobs and 800 casino jobs. False[15] .

9 John Key claimed that all five bidders for the convention centre were treated equally. False[16] .

10 John Key claimed that Solid Energy asked the government for a $1 billion capital investment. False[17] .

11 John Key claimed that the 2011 Budget would create in the order of 170,000 jobs. False[18] .

12 John Key claimed that NZ SAS soldiers were not involved in the Kabul Hotel gunfight. False[19] .

13 John Key claimed that Iain Rennie recommended Ian Fletcher for the GCSB job. False[20] .

14 John Key claimed that he hadn’t seen Ian Fletcher in a long time. False[21] .

15 John Key claimed that it was always the intent of the GCSB Act to be able to spy on New Zealanders. False. – Not sure what this one means.

16 John Key claimed that the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom was an isolated incident. False[22] .

17 John Key claimed that the bulk of New Zealanders earn between $45,000 and $75,000 a year. False[23] .

  • According to Statistics New Zealand’s New Zealand Income Survey results for the June 2010 the median income (the amount which half the people in the country earn below) was $529 per week, which equates to $27508 per year.

18 John Key claimed that he is honest and upfront. False – see above.

19 Video of John Key on the campaign trail in 2008 ruling out a rise in GST if he won the election. False[24]

20 On privatising assets, “I don’t believe that’s gonna turn the New Zealand economy around. False[25] /u/John_Banks [26]

21 update 10/07/2014, “National promised in its 2011 election manifesto all state houses which could be practically insulated would be.” False[27]

‘In answer to written questions this week, Housing Minister Nick Smith said of the 30 percent of the 68,000 houses under Housing New Zealand’s management had not been insulated.”

22 More GCSB – at least Key’s pal is in charge now…

“The spymaster who initially cleared the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) of illegally snooping on Kim Dotcom was also directly involved in seeking the suppression order signed by Bill English as Acting Prime Minister.”

The Herald has learned former chief legal adviser Hugh Wolfensohn was involved in arranging the once-in-a-decade certificate which sought to bury the scandal.

The Prime Minister confirmed yesterday for the first time it was Mr Wolfensohn’s advice that quelled GCSB and police fears they had illegally spied on Mr Dotcom and his co-accused Bram van der Kolk.

He told Parliament: “The best of the legal advice presented by Hugh Wolfensohn was that it was legal. As we now know, GCSB and Mr Wolfensohn were wrong.*

Mr Wolfensohn no longer works at the bureau after being placed on “gardening leave”. A spokesman for the GCSB said of Mr Wolfensohn’s advice: “With hindsight, we know it wasn’t right.[28]

23 John Key: ‘I’ve never lied about Kim Dotcom’, 21/11/2012[29] False – from 5 Oct 2012[30] and One video exposes Key, GCSB’s & Banks’ Dotcom lies[31]

24 “Gerry Brownlee breaches airport security rules”. Every other National MP that has broken much less serious rules (and got caught) has been removed from their position. Hypocrisy[32]

  • Using the exit door jokes, optional.

25 Genesis energy asset sales will be predominantly ‘mum and dad’ buyers. False[33] .

“A controversial American couple are the biggest investors in recently floated Genesis Energy – sparking angry claims the Government has been caught out “screwing the scrum” against mum and dad Kiwi buyers.”

26 “The good news was I was having dinner with Ngāti Porou, as opposed to their neighbouring Iwi ,which was Tuhoi, in which case I would have been dinner” (audio[34] )

27 “Prime Minister is claiming repeatedly that Nicky Hagar has “made stuff up”. False[35] & False[36]

Another 143 here[37] (ed. links to a post on – An honest man?)

Honourable mentions

  1. John Key being a dick about GCSB (to tax payers and) Russel Norman in question time [40] .
  2. Eight NZ politicians who were forced to resign[41]
  3. Key rejects criticism over Mubarak comments[42] – Supporting a tyrant and a dictator with no representation for the Egyptian people was fine because Mubarak supported Israel
  4. Open letter to Eugene Bingham or would you have voted for John Key if you had known[43] i. The true relationship John Key had with Andrew Krieger and the attack on the NZ dollar in late 1987.ii. The role John Key had in the Asian Crisis, the Russian collapse and the collapse of the LTCM hedgefund.

    iii. The role John Key had in the Subprime trade and the real timeline of the Subprime crisis and the subsequent collapse of the global economy.

Zealand’s Corrupt Politicians and #DirtyPolitics – The Best Tweets

August 20, 2014 2 comments

It’s been over a week since Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics hit the bookshelves and interest in its contents shows no sign of abating.

Here are some of the best Zeitgeist tweets yet.

TradeMe Auction for Dirty Politics Book, ALL Proceeds to Pike River Disaster Relief

August 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Bid here for the Dirty Politics book by Nicky Hager


You have until Friday 11am NZ time to place a bid for the Dirty Politics book on the auction site

The book is being auctioned by Barrister Felix Geiringer and all proceeds will go to the Pike River Disaster Relief Trust –

I hear that Nicky Hager’s new book, Dirty Politics, is so popular it already hard to find in the bookshops. I have a spare copy bought at the launch last night. I’ve decided to auction it off to enable someone to obtain a copy quickly, and also to raise money for charity.

The auction closes tomorrow morning and I will courier the book to the winner. All of the sale proceeds (with no deduction for the purchase price or the postage) will go to The Pike River Disaster Relief Trust –

Bidders who have not yet seen the book may be unaware, but one of the revelations is Cameron Slater quoting the PM being very rude about the families of the Pike River victims.

More Reaction to Dirty Politics by Nicky Hager – New Zealand’s ‘Non-Fictional House of Cards’

August 14, 2014 Leave a comment

We’d like to assure our readers that is free from political interference of any kind and we never communicate with our sources by email, unlike some other New Zealand blogs that have grown bloated on Kool-Aid.

Here’s a selection of today’s social commentary: Multiple comparisons to Watergate are being made. Dirty Politics will soon be available as an e-book. Cameron Slater forgets that Hager already ankled tapped Labour prior to an election in his book “Seeds of Distrust” and has no loyalty to any one political party.

People speculate as to how the National spin machine will work itself out of a crisis. The character assassination of Hager gathers pace and political bias is alleged in the media coverage of the book.

Nicky Hager’s “Dirty Politics” Book Kicks Up a Storm in New Zealand. Part Two

August 13, 2014 2 comments
"Working for Whale Oil," from a tweet by Martyn Bradbury

“Working for Whale Oil,” from a satirical tweet by Martyn Bradbury

In part two of our coverage of the reaction to Nicky Hager’s book “Dirty Politics“we’ll be looking at the public reaction via Twitter and social media.

It looks like New Zealand may be having its own Watergate scandal unraveling, seats are going to be sold out when Glenn Greenwald visits New Zealand to make revelations at Auckland Town Hall on Sept 15th.

First. A post from the blog The Dim-Post to start the ball rolling.

“…after a speed read the big reveals are:

1. The Prime Minister’s office hacked into Labour’s servers, obtaining information about its donors and membership, passed the information onto Cameron Slater and then lied about it.

2. The Prime Minister’s office told Slater to OIA classified SIS documents, then had the SIS declassify them and released to Slater.

If substantiated – and Hager’s book is based on correspondence between Cameron Slater and one of Key’s senior staffers – then the scale of the abuse of power is unprecedented, and there will need to be a transparent independent investigation into the Prime Minister’s office…

The book also documents the close friendship between Slater and Justice Minister Judith Collins, alleging:

  • Collins is the source of much of the material for Slater’s ‘tipline’, attacking Labour MPs and her enemies within the National Party.
  • When she was Minister of Corrections Collins appears to have had a prisoner transferred at Slater’s request, because a friend of Slater’s didn’t want her daughter visiting her imprisoned ex-partner and Slater arranged to have the man transferred to a more remote prison. The prisoner later attempted suicide.
  • Collins discusses the illegal leaking of police evidence with Slater and publication of the evidence on Slater’s blog (at the time she was Minister of Police)…
  • Much of the material published by Slater under his name is actually written by Carrick Graham, a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. Allegations:
    • Graham also comments extensively on WhaleOil, using pseudonyms, often under his own posts. His pseudo-anonymous comments are incredibly racist and misogynistic.
    • Graham pays Slater about $6500 a month for publishing pro tobacco, pro alcohol PR, written by Graham but published under Slater’s byline.
    • Many of the posts are vicious attacks against academics that publish scientific research that upsets Graham’s clients.

    Other noteworthy allegations:

    • Slater has a friend who is a former-prostitute, who asks around brothels to find out if his political enemies have been to them. Len Brown, John Boscowan, Labour MPs, the Herald’s editors and Duncan Garner are all named as people Slater has attempted to ‘dig dirt’ on in this manner to ‘apply pressure’.
    • Jordan Williams edits the Wikipedia pages of Labour MPs and writes smears about their sex lives
    • Content on David Farrar’s Kiwiblog is written by National’s communications staffers…” source


More to come…

Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics Book Kicks Up a Storm in New Zealand. Part One

August 13, 2014 10 comments
Key and Cameron

Cameron Slater and John Key in happier days. Is that a press pass?

First, an introduction to the book taken from In Part 2 we’ll tell the story of the reaction to the book

Responses and Press Releases

“Nicky Hager’s new book was launched at 5pm today at Unity Books in downtown Wellington. The book is not about the Snowden documents; Mr Hager said publicly months ago that he was not writing a book on that subject. Today’s book follows on from his earlier book The Hollow Men and gives an inside view of politics after the John Key led National Party. It revolves around a cast of Key, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, David Farrar, Judith Collins and other National Party figures. It shows a very different side of John Key and his government than most New Zealanders know.
Mr Hager said the thinks many New Zealanders have felt something is wrong with New Zealand politics, where more and more personal attacks, nastiness and petty scandal is getting in the way of ordinary politics. ‘In recent days there has been some news about personal attacks on the prime minister,’ he said. ‘But the book is about a much more serious and long term problem. Throughout Key’s time as prime minister, his staff and notably senior adviser Jason Ede have been assisting and coordinating persistent personal attacks and dirty tricks against his political opponents.’

‘Journalists have suspected these activities but the evidence has been hard to find. There have been repeated political attacks launched by the National Party attack dogs, notably Slater backed up by Farrar, and what the book shows is that many of these lead back to the Beehive. This is a technique originally from US republican politics known as a two-track strategy, where the prime minister maintains a friendly, relaxed public image while relying on political proxies to relentlessly attack opponents. This approach has meant that Key and his government have not had to take responsibility for their negative politics. This and many other stories about internal National Party politics are revealed in the book.’

The book is called Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment. It will be in book shops around the country tomorrow morning. It covers the six years of the Key National Government.

The book is based upon a large number of internal communications between the National-aligned blogger Slater and a network of National Party figures.The documents are very revealing about Slater and his collaborators, including much that is shocking and distasteful. But, much more important, the documents also cover politicians and Beehive staff, showing the highly coordinated National Party attack politics used year after year throughout Key’s prime ministership. Readers can see the inside story of issues they have seen in the news, now revealed in the participant’s own words.

Mr Hager said that the leaks seem to have come from when Slater had his website crashed in January this year after comments he made about a West Coast man who died in a car crash (he said the ‘feral’ had done the world a favour). Mr Hager had no part in obtaining the materials. The book also draws on information provided by some National Party sources.

‘As readers will see, there is a very high public interest in the public knowing about the activities revealed in the book. I believe that any news organisation would have jumped at the opportunity to get this material,’ Mr Hager said. For instance:

* During the 2011 election campaign Slater obtained a database of the Labour Party’s members, e-mails and donations, and gleefully attacked the party. What no one knew is that Key’s dirty tricks person, Ede, had helped throughout, including searching inside the Labour Party computers and helping Slater plan the subsequent attacks on Labour. Ede’s office was just two doors from John Key’s and presumably he was using his Ministerial Services computer (Chapter 2).

* In the same election campaign, the prime minister’s office used its knowledge of secret SIS documents to tip off Slater and arrange an attack on the Labour leader (Chapter 3).

* Ede drafted official information act requests for Slater to use in other attacks, for instance against Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff who were in conflict with the government (Chapter 3).

* When the Labour Party leadership race was on last year and getting good publicity, Ede got National Party research staff to prepare an attack on David Cunliffe and other contenders’ policies that was published on David Farrar’s Kiwiblog website the following day (Chapter 9).

* The more the National Government has used Slater, the closer that Key himself has got to the attack blogger. For instance, when most New Zealanders were appalled by Slater’s offensive comments about the West Coast man who died in the car crash, his closest associates rallied to support him. One of those who phoned him and commiserated at that time, according to Slater’s account of the conversation, was John Key (Chapter 12).

Key and his colleagues have known their use of proxies and allies for attacks and dirty tricks was risky, but they believed they could keep it secret. It was only the unexpected leak that has brought the story to the light. The book is full of stories that might otherwise have remained secret.

Coming up in Part 2: The reaction to Nicky Hager’s book “Dirty Politics” as told through tweets.

Stay tuned for part 2.



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