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Seasons greetings. Happy Christmas, Fabulous Festivus and Happy Hanukkah.

The team at is now taking a vacation.

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Rampaging Axe Man Kills Woman, Injures Three People

December 12, 2014 Comments off

New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place took another nose dive today.

A rampaging axe man has attacked householders in Timberlea, Upper Hut, killing one woman and seriously injuring two males ages 20 and 24 years. Here’s what the NZ Herald had to say:

A woman has told of a narrow escape after a man armed with an axe knocked at her door before going on to attack her neighbour. The woman, who does not wish to be named, lives next-door to one of the Upper Hutt homes where a man armed with an axe visited in a rampage in which a woman was killed and three other people were injured. The woman said she was on her computer yesterday evening when the attacker knocked at her door. When he found it locked he went to her neighbour’s house. She said the man attacked her 20-year-old neighbour with an axe as he tried to fend him off… more here

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the victims’ and their whanau and friends The incident comes two weeks after a North Island school was placed in lockdown while police hunted for an offender. A woman was knifed to death in a nearby street and two people stabbed in the stomach, read Albany primary school in lockdown.


Elderly couple beaten in their Waikanae home - 10 Dec 2014 (OneNews)

Dennis and Eileen Phillips were attacked by at least two people in their Waikanae home sometime between Monday night and yesterday morning before the offenders stole their car. The car was then found on a nearby street last night.

“This is a cowardly attack by thugs on an elderly couple in their home. It doesn’t get much worse than that,” says Kapiti-Mana police investigations manager Grant Ferguson.

The pair are in Wellington Hospital in a stable condition… more

( 17 year old youth was later charged with two charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and burglary charges for this and an incident that occurred earlier in the evening near He Awa street. His victims are sill in hospital – source)

The 17 year old was later named as Hohepa Wallace, from Otaki. He has been denied name suppression.

Violent New Zealand –  A Rash of Stabbing Incidents Including a Machete Attack Breaks Out and News Becomes Sanitized – August 2014

There have been a rash of stabbing incidents in the press recently. Not that these cases are that unusual, but for some reason the details are being released to the public more frequently than is the norm. But have you noticed this? as the stories develop fewer and fewer details are given out. The New Zealand public is becoming inured to violence, many will acknowledge what happened to one 26 year old man last night occured in notorious West Auckland. They’ll shrug and move on with their lives. Few will question why an armed police officer is guarding the murder site this morning, this is West Auckland. The inference is that this street may be gang territory, reprisals may be expected. Subconsciously, people already know that…more

Migrants Tales – Tony’s Tale: Kiwi Culture of Lying, Rugby and Violence

December 11, 2014 2 comments

Continuing in our series of Migrants Tales, first hand accounts of the migrant experience on New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent in by Tony.

Tony was born and raised in New Zealand. He left when he was 23 years old and spent many long and happy years in the US. He was forced to return to NZ when his parents became ill, but is counting down the days until he’s able to leave once more.

Here’s why.

I have been reading comments here and feel very sad for the people who drank the governments Kool aid advertising campaign .Its a mystery to me why the N.Z government continues to lure people to this country with false promises of employment and lifestyle perhaps it’s because N.Z has become addicted to fleecing outsiders of their life savings and then tossing them onto the scrap heap.Many people come to N.Z with great expectations only to be devastated by the social isolation and the ignorance of the locals,some people begin to question themselves,what’s wrong with me ?why can’t I fit in or make friends?

Surely there will be a turning point when things will suddenly make sense ,all the while eating their way through the money they saved somewhere else,God knows there are very few ways to make an honest living in N.Z..

In general and of course there are exceptions, New Zealanders are mean spirited,they thrive on watching other people’s misery and failure.As mentioned above they are serial backstabbers and gossips, possibly some of the most racist people on the planet, arrogance is ingrained in this society to a point that you can actually see it on the faces of the people.
Who would have known that arrogance could be such a debilitating trait for an entire nation but it is. Just think best in the world, best in the world, those people who have had the misfortune to live here will understand this one, I wish I never had to hear those four words used together ever again,but unfortunately I live here so I am destined to hear it twice a day for the rest of my life. Dishonesty and lying . This must be what the young woman in the above post meant when she referred to N.Z culture.There is no N.Z culture outside lying ,it’s so prevailant and acceptable that most people do it without even thinking, the Prime minister John Key even does it on an almost daily basis,when they get called on a lie their solution is to lie about why they lied, simple as that, there seems to be very little shame in being caught out .

Rugby is a game which involves large men running around chasing a plastic air filled bag. These people smash into one another with incredible force often causing damage to their bodies such as paralysis , brain damage , knee injuries and many other forms of horrific and often permanent damage, the bill for these injuries is paid for by the employers of the country under whats called accident compensation insurance. This game is worshiped in this country, N.Z prides itself in being …..Best in the world ….at this barbaric sport. The local News channels usually dedicate 15 minutes to world and general local News(gossip) and 15 minutes to talk about rugby, most New Zealanders now more about Rugby than current events, global events or local politics , this works very well for the government who get to basically run a dictatorship and line their pockets with taxpayer money while the Sheeple watch the Rugby,God forbid anybody talks about politics, this is socially unacceptable and will lead to further alienation of the perpetrator.

Violence is O.K in N.Z, we are the best in the world at it, maybe this is another aspect of N.Z “culture”. Nobody is immune to violence in N.Z that includes women , children and the elderly unlike many countries where a person can avoid violence by not getting involved in criminal activity or going to known trouble spots and thus avoid violence,it doesn’t work like that here in N.Z ,people get beaten raped and robbed on a daily basis an incredibly high number of tourists fall victim, perhaps because they believed the hype about how nice N.Z people are.

Lastly ,New Zealand is a low wage economy,expect to receive about 30 to 50% of what you would get for the same job in the U.S also remember that you will probably not get a job as you will be discriminated against because you are a foreigner, Americans are hated openly no exceptions although American culture is embraced. Goods and services cost an average of 70% more than they do in the U.S there is a limited selection of available choices and the quality is often very substandard, many stores which sell these defective goods will not accept them to be returned when they fail to perform there intended function.

Houses are of poor quality , often little more than a barely habitable shack with no insulation which will overheat in summer and be about the same temperature as the outside environment during the winter,for the privelage of owning one of these shacks in an area of Auckland where it is relatively safe,without constant dog barking,stereo music from neighbours etc expect to pay about $800,000U.S.D as mentioned earlier, be sure to bring this money with you from your country of origin as you will never earn it or save a deposit in N.Z.If you would like to rent the shack instead of owning it be prepared to pay between $600 to $800 N.Z dollars not to bad says you, that’s per week and you will be expected to pay at the end of each week, if you get cold you can always turn the heater on, if you leave it on it will cost you about $100 extra per week on top of your regular overpriced electric bill.

Hopefully your accomodation will be fairly close to your employment as fuel is very expensive , about$100 U.S.D to fill the tank on a very small compact car.A word of warning here, if you exceed the speed limit by 1km per hour bear in mind average human walking speed is about 4kph , you will be photographed by a fixed mounted or sneakily placed speed camera, you will receive a ticket in the mail for around $40u.s.d. Its best to drive around with your eyes glued to the speedometer to avoid getting to many tickets, this is how it’s done in N.Z.When you park the vehicle its best to walk up and down the st for a while checking all the signs and making sure that they do not conflict one another, if you intend to park in a pay and display area make sure you pay the full amount for the time required , often when you return you will find the tow truck already backed up to your car and waiting to hook it up if you are late returning, they love to tow cars and it will cost you a small fortune to retrieve it.

This is getting a little long winded but I really hope it will serve as a warning to anybody considering making a move to this country,unless you are in a really bad situation in your present country don’t do it,if you read this and believe well that’s just the rantings of an unhappy person,it’ll be different for me ,wrong and it won’t .

I was born in N.Z and schooled ,not educated here, I left here aged 22 I lived and travelled in Europe before moving to the U.S where I happily lived for 23 years.I made the mistake of returning here to support my parents through their ill health,cancer etc.I used to be a happy joyful confident person,N.Z has made sure I did no remain this way.

I have singlehanded my own sail boat around South America and crossed the Pacific Ocean , not that anyone here has ever been the least bit interested in discussing my adventures and experiences , being that it wasn’t in N.Z I guess it’s irrelevent I used to wake up and look forward to everyday, not so anymore , I will be leaving here and returning to California when I’m sure my parents are o.k DONT MOVE TO N.Z UNLESS YOU RISK DEATH OR TORTURE IN YOUR COUNTRY.

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Updated – Rapist of Six Kaikoura Teens Found Guilty, but Perp’s Name and Occupation Still Suppressed

December 11, 2014 1 comment
justice is not blind

Guilty, but occupation and name still suppressed. Why?

The 66 year old man accused of raping and drugging teenage girls has been found guilty.

Six of the women were from the township of Kaikoura, the others from in and around Blenhiem, and one from the North Island. They were aged between 15-18 at the time of the attacks.

We highlighted the case a few days ago (police raid Kaikoura drug den) and wish to remind parents of the importance of keeping their children safe from predators. New Zealand isn’t as benevolent as you’d think.

His name must still be suppressed because the press hasn’t published it yet, nor have they given any indication of his occupation. There are some very hard questions to be asked if that information is not released. The man has been in custody since 2012.

Who is he?

Our guess is that’s he’s connected to youth in some way. He’s a community figure in a position of trust (minister, doctor, police officer etc.) or an ex-teacher. What type of occupations would put him in contact with vulnerable young women?

News articles have revealed the man owns a boat and works in the same industry as the father of one of his victims. One of the assaults took place in that boat on the Marlborough Sounds, and others in his campervan near Kaikoura. source.


Here’s what the MSM had to say about the case:

A Marlborough man who sexually assaulted troubled teenage girls, some nearly unconscious on drugs and alcohol, has been found guilty on 35 charges involving drugs and sexual assault.

The 66-year-old was found not guilty on a further 11 charges after the trial in the High Court at Nelson.

The 46 charges  he was facing stemmed from allegations from 10 complainants spanning 29 years, and included rape, sexual violation, indecent assault, sexual grooming and supplying class A and C drugs.

The court heard the man offered shelter to girls, aged 15 to 18, from broken or troubled homes. They would be offered a place to stay, sometimes a job, and help getting “on the right track”.

Some of the girls admitted consensual sex with him, while others denied anything more than using the man for a place to stay, money, drugs and alcohol.

Most of the girls continued to stay with him, despite his inappropriate actions, because it was better than going home…

After a four week trial in which 10 women gave evidence from behind a screen, he was found guilty of after about 11 and a half hours of deliberations by the jury.

Nearly 130 charges were initially laid against him following his arrest on August 29, 2012. They were later reduced by Crown prosecutor Mark O’Donoghue to 48 charges go to trial. A further two were dropped during the trial.

Complainants alleged offending from as far back as the 80s, up until his arrest in 2012.

The man’s trial took just over three weeks, heard by Justice Alan MacKenzie and the jury, with evidence from about 50 witnesses…” source

Update 12 Dec 2014

According to a report a suppression will remain until an appeal is heard next year.

…After the court had heard the verdicts, and the sentencing date had been set, Harrison asked the judge to continue the interim name suppression order that had been in place since he first appeared in court in 2012.

Publication of his name could prejudice a further trial scheduled to be heard in the Blenheim District Court, he said.

O’Donoghue said the Crown would not be going ahead with that trial in light of yesterday’s convictions, as the charges were minor in comparison.

The case was “high in public interest” and he argued that the man should be named.

After further discussions in chambers, MacKenzie gave Harrison until 5pm to appeal against a decision to lift the suppression order.

The court later confirmed that Harrison had lodged the appeal, and interim name suppression would continue until the appeal was heard next yearsource


Here’s a news report from the time he was arrested: Man charged with drug sex offences.


Police Raid Kaikoura Drug Den

…Six teenage girls from Kaikoura were subject to sexual assault by a 66 year old man who plied them with drugs (including LSD, cannabis and BZP) and alcohol. He is also alleged to have taken indecent photographs of them. He has been given name suppression while he answers to 46 charges in the Nelson High Court. More than 50 witnesses will be called during the trial. (source).

Hamilton’s Crime Worsens, Man Beaten by Mob in Random Attack in Clyde Park

December 10, 2014 1 comment
New Zealand's gangs

“Groups” now attack people in NZ

If you keep up with the news you may be forgiven for thinking crime in the Waikato town of Hamilton is out of control, and that the lack of a police presence has got something to do with it.

The situation has got so bad that ratepayer funded private cops are being considered as a solution to spiralling anti-social behaviour in central Hamilton.

From a news report by the Waikato Times, which studiously avoids the word “gang,” we learn

A Hamilton man was knocked unconscious in what police say was a vicious beating by a group of teens in a Hamilton park overnight.

The 59-year-old was on his way home when he was attacked by the group in Clyde Park near the new Wairere Drive extension off Clyde St about 9.30pm.

Detective Senior Sergeant Carl Moon said the beating appeared to be a random attack.

“He [the man] was walking through and was attacked by a number of young men and beaten severely. At this stage it appears to be completely out of the blue and the man had no knowledge it was coming.”

Police later used a tracker dog to find three males aged 15 to 17 years old. Their victim escaped serious injury and has been released from hospital.


Pregnant woman assaulted, robbed by “group” in Levin (12 Dec 2014)

“A pregnant woman was walking her 2-year-old daughter in a pram when she was assaulted and robbed by a group of four people.

Police said the incident happened last night about 8pm on Bath Street, Levin…”The group demanded money from the woman and after she told them she had none they grabbed the pram with her child in it and then her handbag,” Detective Sergeant Peter Vine said.”

Hamilton, bellwether for breakdown of law and order in NZ (14 Nov 2014)

Hours after we wrote about the failure of the ‘comical’ New Zealand justice system and calls for private police to patrol the streets of Hamilton (read Brazil’s Police Succeed Where NZ’s Police Fail) there have been two further developments. Both of them are parlous statements about New Zealand’s failure to bring its escalating crime problem under control.

1. Riot Gas and batons on the streets of Hamilton Hamilton police  used riot gas and batons overnight to break up an attack on a police officer during a street brawl (the NZ media carefully avoided the word riot in their reporting). A 17 year old youth has been charged with assaulting a police officer and is due to appear in court…more

Violent New Zealand. Police Officer Shot in Hamilton Supermarket Carpark (25 August 2014)

Hamilton has long had a reputation as a boring town with a gang problem. But, today’s shooting of a police officer in a supermarket car park of all places, will shock many people inured to violence in New Zealand.

The NZ Herald has posted a picture of what looked like a sawn-off shotgun laying on the tarmac of the Mill Street PakN’Save.

The Herald stated that the shooting occurred after police followed a stolen vehicle into the parking area. That was linked to a police search for armed man Zeb McCallion….more



New Zealand in Mourning as #Fonterra Slashes Payout, Fall of 2.7% GDP

December 10, 2014 1 comment
International Students "Only Seen As Cash Cows"

New Zealand’s dairy based economy could be in trouble

The dangers of living in an economy too dependent on agriculture hit home today in New Zealand.

Dairy farmers are facing a “disastrous” year after a prediction that none will make money from Fonterra’s payout forecast, issued today.

According to an article in today’s

Fonterra today cut its farm gate milk price forecast for the 2014/15 season from $5.30 per kilo of milk solids to $4.70/kg amid ongoing global milk powder price weakness.

The New Zealand dollar fell half a cent against the greenback, from US77.1c to US76.6c, after the announcement.

The forecast is well down from last season’s milk price of $8.40/kg and would equate to a cut in dairy farmer incomes of around $6.8 billion according to Dairy NZ figures. A forecast dividend increase from 10c per share last season to between 25c and 35c will be of little solace to farmers.

Dairy prices have continued to fall since the last quarterly payout forecast was announced in September, with whole milk powder falling nearly 17 per cent while skim milk powder was down 8 per cent…

According to John Kuyf, the managing director of REL group, the financial and emotional impact of Fonterra’s forecast is “quite severe” Most of his friends need $5.30 just to keep their heads above water, he said

“We’re an agriculture-based country. And it’s just a bugger.”

The NZ Herald wrote:

Westpac said the drop from season’s record $8.40 farmgate milk price to $4.70 was equivalent to a reduction in income of $6.1 billion for the New Zealand dairy industry, or 2.7 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product…

Large scale job loses are predicted as farmers start laying off workers.

So, is this the beginning of the end for the “rockstar economy” ?

It does look like it. New Zealand has failed to build up any other significant sectors of its economy. It’s tourism and international student markets generate a fraction of the income of its dairy sector.

Looking on the bright side, a decline in dairy farming will have positive impacts on New Zealand’s environment and a significant decline in the use of fertilizers. Runoff from farms has rendered many of the country’s water bodies too polluted to swim in.

We must get real about cleaning up our rivers and lakes, because the world is beginning to realise that we aren’t living up to our clean green image.

quote from Dr Russell Norman, leader NZ Green Party.

There is also likely to be a drop in property values as confidence goes out of the economy and unemployment rises. Investors will seek out other rockstars to follow.

Read more about New Zealand’s green credentials here: Green credentials or greenwash?

You may also be interested in

NZ deficit bigger than expected: “The New Zealand government’s operating deficit was wider than expected in pre-election forecasts as income tax lagged and an indemnity for financially stricken coal miner Solid Energy weighed on the expense line.

The operating balance before gains and losses (Obegal) was a deficit of $1 billion in the four months ended Oct. 30, more than the $740 million forecast by the Treasury in its truncated September pre-election economic and fiscal update…” more

Income inequality stunts NZ growth – OECD: “The New Zealand economy would have been 10 per cent larger in 2010 were it not for the steep rise in income inequality which occurred between the late 1980s and mid-1990s, OECD economists have found…” more

Foot and Mouth threat never far away: “It would only take a ham sandwich thrown out of a vehicle in an area with animals to start an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in New Zealand.

“It’s not if it’ll happen, it’s when,” says Massey University biostatistician Dr Chris Jewell.

He expects New Zealand to eventually have to deal with the disease spreading through farms here and says markets will close to New Zealand exports as a result…” more

#Teatapes Cameraman Bradley Ambrose Sues John Key for $1.2 Million

December 9, 2014 1 comment

The team at welcomes today’s news that talented photo-journalist, Bradley Ambrose, is suing John Key for $1.2 million.

NZ beleaguered ‘dirty politics’ Prime Minister is being sued by the freelance cameraman for remarks he made during the teaptapes media beat-up (listen to the leaked tape above).

In addition to Key’s alleged defamation, NZ police conducted a heavy handed and lengthy investigation into the journalist after he accidentally recorded a conversation during a public event in a teashop, staged for the media.

Ambrose was served with a search warrant that included a requisition for his text messages. Later lawyers

demanded “review of how police intercept private communications after a photo-journalist’s cellphone logs and messages, including exchanges with a lawyer, were obtained in an inquiry instigated by the PM…

Auckland University associate professor Bill Hodge said it was “mind-boggling” police would intercept text messaging over such a minor charge, especially when the Evidence Act 2006 provided clear protections for journalists to guarantee the freedom of the media. “Why in hell would they have those, for what investigatory purpose?” he asked. SourceSpying on another journalist – what did Key have to hide?

After investigating the journalist police later dropped charges against Bradley Ambrose and gave him a warning, but not before his liviehood and reputation has been compromised.

“News of the World type tactics”

Ambrose’s work dropped off and his reputation took a battering, especially when John Key labelled him as using ”News of the World-style tactics” by planting a recording on the table.

“It was purely an accident, but people started judging on how they saw it and that was the worst part,” Ambrose said.

“It took years to build up my reputation as a photographer and to have it being slammed – it took a nosedive.”…

He also felt anger that the investigation had taken so long, saying.

“There are real criminals out there and real crimes, but police have put time, money resources into this when it could have been dealt with on day one.” source

The contents of the tape were suppressed until they were eventually leaked – listen to the Youtube recording above.

However, police have yet to show the same dedication to investigating the claims made in the Dirty Politics Book. Nor have cross party calls for a Royal Commission for Inquiry into the allegations raised in the book been successful.

The book’s author, Nicky Hager, is currently under police investigation and was subjected to a 10 hour raid of his home, during which computer equipment, phones and storage equipment were seized.  A Give a Little account, established to help pay the journalist’s legal bills, currently stands at $65,000.

Here’s what the Herald had to say about Bradley’s forthcoming civil litigation

John Key is standing by his statements about Bradley Ambrose and indicated he will do so in court after the Teapot Tapes cameraman this morning confirmed his plan to sue the Prime Minister for defamation.

Ambrose, who recorded Mr Key’s now infamous chat over the teacups with former Act Leader John Banks ahead of the 2011 election, is suing Mr Key for $1.2 million for alleged defamatory comments made by the Prime Minister about him on three separate occasions, Radio New Zealand reported this morning.

Ambrose has now filed papers at the High Court at Auckland.

This morning Mr Key said: “Look I don’t resile from anything I’ve said.”

“It’s been a long standing dispute and in the end it’ll go through the court process.”

Bradley, an E2NZ Twitter follower, is more than justified in bringing this action and we wish him every success.

John Key has got form for making disparaging comments about public figures. He once allegedly called David Beckham “as thick as batshit” (despite him having amassed a greater fortune than he).


NZ Slips out of top 10 for Media Freedom (Jan 2012)

New Zealand has dropped out of the top 10 countries for media freedom after a year in which police searched newsrooms over the now-infamous “teapot tapes”.

In its annual press freedom index, advocacy group Reporters Without Borders ranked New Zealand 13th in the world for media freedom last year – down five places from eighth in 2010.

The report noted traditionally good performers in the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand, had failed to shine. “With New Zealand’s fall to 13th position, no country in the Asia-Pacific region figured among the top 10.”…

Related content from

Tea Pot Tape : Bradley Ambrose’s Letter To The PM (March 2012)

“The Right Honourable Prime Minister Mr John Key and the Honourable Mr John Banks,

Dear Sirs,

As you are aware I attended your media meeting at the Urban Caf6, Newmarket. I was paid a small fixed fee to film the event for the Herald Online News, Webb Page. I was working alone on this occasion.

My camera radio microphone was left on your cafe table. lt had been placed there by me in a rush to pick up audio while you were speaking to the media. I had not expected this and was not prepared for it.

I was having difficulty getting good footage due to the media scrum around you. So I moved off and away from the table area to try and get some workable footage from a different vantage point. ln doing so I left the microphone on the table. My primary concern was to get film footage.

When I later realised that I had left the microphone behind I returned to uplift it. I spoke to your staff who acknowledged they had taken possession of it, that it would not be returned and would be referred to the police. I did not realise at that time what the concern was and or why. I had no intention of secretly recording any conversation.

Later that day when the existence of the recording became public I was requested to pass on what I had recorded. I accept that I did so without thinking properly about the effect this would have. I regret this decision.

As stated I do regret passing this audio on to the Herald on Sunday due to the effects that this had had on those involved including yourself. Contrary to what has been said by some people, this was not intentional, nor was it a “News of the World tactic”. There was no money offered for the recording by the Herald on Sunday nor did they or any other outlet pay for it.

This whole event has been blown out of proportion by a number of people and I would like to put it behind me.

I just want to get back to work and not be known as someone alleged to have dubious ethics. This has been hard on me and my family.

I trust that you are prepared to accept and appreciate my regret for how this matter has unfolded and escalated for us all. lf I knew then what I know now, I would have deleted the tape at the first opportunity and not provided it to any other third party. I have become much wiser and more protective of my reputation as a result of this event and what has transpired.

Accordingly I trust that you find this letter as a genuine statement of regret and that you may be understanding of my position and the sincere sentiments I have expressed.

Yours Faithfully

Bradley Ambrose”


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