Kiwi Comments About John Key’s Rewriting of New Zealand’s Turbulent Past – The Lies White People Tell.

November 21, 2014 2 comments

For background read

NZ History lesson on Planet Key – the lies white people tell themselves (The Daily Blog)

Prime Minister’s Warped View of History – NZ Greens:

Students who sat NCEA level 3 history exams last week might be very worried to hear the Prime Minister tell a Radio Station that New Zealand was one of the few countries that was settled peacefully by Europeans.

Those students who wrote about a bloody and violent settlement of Aotearoa in their NCEA exam; who wrote about the deaths of thousands of Maori and hundreds of Pakeha in land wars, about the wrongful confiscation of millions of acres of land, must think they’d got itall  terribly wrong if the PM says New Zealand was settled peacefully.

But teachers we’ve spoken with today can put their minds at rest.

The Prime Minister, in fact, was the one who would have failed last week’s NCEA level 3 history exam had he written about the peaceful and rosy settlement of New Zealand.

History teachers have told us that students of New Zealand history are taught a very different version of events; of a very unpeaceful process, one where Maori who fought against the Crown as it sought to obtain more land for settlers  were punished with the confiscation of their land or even by death.

Kids who learn about New Zealand history are taught, in fact,  that the direct source of the land wars in the 1860s was a misundertanding of the Treaty – a misunderstanding  that led to horrible bloodshed and laws, such as the New Zealand Settlement Act 1865, which legislated for the confiscation of Maori land for use by settlers.

To call that a peaceful settlement is an example of the same kind of staggering arrogance as displayed by Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott when he said last week that there was nothing but bush in Australia before the white men came along.
But John Key didn’t finish there. He said early Maori would have been grateful for the injection of capital Pakeha brought with them when they settled in Aotearoa.

Maori would have been grateful.

For the capital.

The Prime Minister’s warped view of history is an insult to all New Zealanders, especially to those who died trying to protect their land, and to Maori who are still fighting for the full settlement of past grievances today.

It is a perspective that is belies history, but is also damaging to race relations and undermining decades of efforts, including even by his own Government, to address some of the historic wrongs.

In reality, if John Key wanted to pass NCEA level 3 history he’d have needed to produce an essay much like this one.

Countdown Cleared of Wrongdoing, No Supplier Intimidation

November 20, 2014 4 comments

The New Zealand arm of the Woolworth enterprise, owned by Progressive Enterprises, has been cleared of wrong doing by the Competition Commission.

The Commerce Commission said that based on the evidence it gathered during a nine-month investigation it “does not believe that Progressive has breached any of the laws it enforces and it will not be taking any action against Progressive”.

The commission launched its investigation following a series of allegations made by former Labour MP Shane Jones under the protection of parliamentary privilege early this year…

Shane Jones unfounded accusations were taken up by anti-Australian protestor Nevan Lancaster .

A shame to his country, Lancaster  launched the Facebook group Boycott Countdown to smear the supermarket chain’s reputation, descending into ad hominem attacks, branding the company “Scroogdown.”

Blinded by his hatred for all things Australian, Lancaster had scant regard for the 10,000 people employed by the company in New Zealand, many of whom depend on the company to feed their families and pay their rents and mortgages.

In February 2014 Lancaster went as low as to  suggest Australia be left to burn.

Anti Australian sentiment is strong in New Zealand

Never trust an Aussie

The page, which is administered by Nevan Lancaster, a Tauranga ‘accountant’ with a low literacy standard, posted this garbled message about imputation credits on 7 February 2014.

This has being (sic) an issue for several years with Australia penalizing NZ investors while NZ has allowed Aussie’s (sic) to take advantage of our imputation credits. Still hew (sic) only promised to look not actually fix. Never trust and (sic) Aussie! source

Now we may be getting down to the real reason for his call to boycott Australian businesses -  does he resent paying tax on his Australian investments? Maybe that’s the reason for the bully-boy tactics, or maybe he just hates Australians?

Mr Lancaster also owns kayak rental business. Is he going to refuse to serve Aussies from now on? (Ed. highly unlikely, cash wins).


Nevan Lancaster, proud kiwi and xenophobe


On the same day his hatred for Australian businesses and tax systems spilled over, and he started to suggest that Australia be left to burn in bush fires, forgetting the assistance that Australia gave during the Christchurch earthquakes and Pike River (Coal) Mine disaster (see image at the top of this page).

A sore loser, his one-eyed outlook on life continues today with this rant. He ignores the practices of Kiwi-owned companies and appears obsessed with hatred.

boycott CD

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Severe Earthquake Strikes Just as Earthquake Commission Staff Are Labelled “Ailing” : Drug Abuse & Under Performance Exposed by OIA Request

November 17, 2014 7 comments
Christchurch Cathedral

Far more than buildings were damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes


Still affected by the Earthquake Commission’s incompetence? you may want to read this article in today’s Stuff:

Earthquake Commission (EQC) staff have been caught out using a Class A drug, assessing earthquake damage in 76 seconds and bullying.

A long list of behavioural and performance issues has been released to The Press under the Official Information Act and reveal the “unhealthy at best” culture within the organisation, a community advocate says.

Former EQC staff and contractors have spoken anonymously about the way the organisation operates with one saying the commission’s disciplinary procedures were “horrendous”.

Many complaints related to incompetence when assessing quake damage and identifying the correct repair method.

Other examples include one employee being charged and convicted of assault after a domestic incident with his partner…

…One assessor who was incompetent and could not correctly identify quake damage and repair strategies was also sacked after a meeting with HR, the documents show.

An ex-EQC contractor, who did not wish to be named, said the culture within the organisation was one of “shut up and do what you’re told”… more here

Severe Earthquake


A severe earthquake has been recorded today, 155 km east of Te Araroa at 11.33am this morning. The prolonged 6.5 magnitude quake occurred at a depth of 31km. At first it was erroneously recorded as centred at Hanmer Springs. It was felt widely around the North Island

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Another Tourist Attack in the Lawless North, Judge Fires Opening Salvo of the Season Against Crims

November 17, 2014 1 comment

Don’t become a victim of crime in the Lawless North

Looks like the tourist attack season is well underway in the Lawless North.

Blink and you may’ve missed this report in today’s edition of It has taken four days for police to come forward with details of the crime and to appeal for help. The north is nothing if not laid back.

A 48 year old German tourist has been beaten senseless and left with serious injuries after an attack in Waipu on Thursday 13th November. Police have yet to find his tent, bicycle and other belongings.

Leave the tourists alone

One Northland judge has already fired a shot across the bows of the region’s criminal element and has just jailed one of them. Many of these men make a lucrative income from robbing overseas tourists. a report about one of them has just appeared in the NZ Herald

As Northland prepares to welcome an influx of visitors this summer, a judge has warned that criminals who target tourists and their belongings will face the full force of the law.

Judge Greg Davis sounded the warning in the Whangarei District Court this week while sentencing a young man who broke into four cars hired by overseas tourists that were parked at A.H. Reed Memorial Park in Whareora Rd, Whangarei, and stole high-value items.

Hare Shortland, 23, stole nearly $8000 worth of items. He attributed his offending to a lack of income and offered to pay reparation at $100 a week from benefits he intended to receive from Work and Income, but Judge Davis said that wasn’t realistic… more here

Meanwhile, in other Northland crime news…a man caught speeding while  under the influence of methamphetamine with a German hitch-hiker in his car has appeared in court.

The charges stem from an incident on October 25 when Martin led police on a 20-minute chase in Paihia, reaching speeds of 150km/h after police attempted to stop the vehicle for speeding. Compounding the situation was the fact that a German tourist was in the car. He also pleaded guilty on Wednesday to unrelated charges of possession of utensils for the manufacture of P, possession of cannabis seed, male assaults female, breach of bail and breach of release conditions… more here

Still thinking about visiting Northland this summer?

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Hamilton, Bellwether for Breakdown of Law and Order in NZ

November 14, 2014 2 comments

Hours after we wrote about the failure of the ‘comical’ New Zealand justice system and calls for private police to patrol the streets of Hamilton (read Brazil’s Police Succeed Where NZ’s Police Fail) there have been two further developments. Both of them are parlous statements about New Zealand’s failure to bring its escalating crime problem under control.

1. Riot Gas and batons on the streets of Hamilton Hamilton police  used riot gas and batons overnight to break up an attack on a police officer during a street brawl (the NZ media carefully avoided the word riot in their reporting). A 17 year old youth has been charged with assaulting a police officer and is due to appear in court.

2. Botched-up redaction of briefing paper A botched up briefing paper, prepared for the incoming Justice Minister, failed to properly redact sensitive sentences about cuts in police and court budgets, and other fiscal restrictions on the justice sector. The document was was released under the Official Information Act (demonstrating how much official information is sanitized before it is released to the public) with the redactions still visible. Here’s how it was reported in the New Zealand Herald

The final passage of the executive summary which was obscured noted that “sustaining an effective and trusted justice system does, however, require a level of baseline funding that is now under some pressure“. Later, the briefing – which covers the Justice Department, Police, Corrections, the Serious Fraud Office and Crown Law – notes that “despite significant progress within flat baselines, under the existing operating model and without new resource, the sector’s ability to continue improving performance is constrained’. “The current operating model (with fixed numbers of police, and a nation-wide network of courts and prisons) is likely to cost at least $140 million more than current baselines by 2017/18. Sustaining an effective and trusted justice system requires a level of baseline funding that is now under considerable pressure.” The briefing also says that, Courts and Police, allowing for inflation had experience cuts in funding of 7 per cent and 3 per cent since 2010. Earlier this year after the Government sliced a little more off their funding in the last Budget, Police officers warned “something will break” if their funding was squeezed any further.”

No doubt the people of Hamilton will agree with that last statement. Youth Crime But wait, there’s more. A solution to countering the country’s burgeoning number of youth offenders is to treat 17 year olds like children another year. The 17 year old arrested in Hamilton couldn’t have timed it better.

The briefing sets challenges for maintaining trust and confidence in the justice system including “Effective responses for 17 year olds”. “Currently the adult criminal jurisdiction begins at 17, which is out of step with comparable jurisdictions and international legal obligations. Evidence suggests better long term justice outcomes (reduced lifetime offending) and social and economic outcomes (improved skills and employment prospects) could be achieved by dealing with 17 year olds in a different way to adults,” the briefing says…”  read the full news report here

Migrant Tales – Indian Engineer’s Experience of Racism, NZ Style

November 13, 2014 9 comments

Welcome to our very popular Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of life in New Zealand as told by migrants.

Todays tale was left as a comment. The Asian author came to New Zealand as a student 9 years ago and is appalled at overt racism in the country.

This site is an absolute gem to vent out your frustrations about New Zealand. I have never met such backstabbing, low lives, racist, frustrated souls in my lifetime such as Kiwis. Its a shame by the way to have such an ugly bird as a symbol !!

I came to NZ as an international student 9 years ago to study Bachelors Electronics Engineering with a lot of dreams, ambitions and a fire to succeed in life at a polytechnic in Auckland which had a good reputation even though it was a polytechnic. I was shocked at the appalling racism and disrespect shown towards us students ( Indians and Asians) at the polytechnic, by the way dumbo kiwis don’t know that India is actually part of South East Asia and we are Asian too ! The Kiwi rednecks were all to themselves mocking our accent behind our backs ( I heard them mock a few Chinese guys as he walked past ). This initially upset us friends but we were fired up to make up by working hard and finish our qualification besides working part time and supporting ourselves. I knew i had a mistake by investing my parents hard earned money in this shithole of a country called NZ ( Clean and green blah blah) all you can see is cows grazing once you step out of Auckland and people actually walking around like zombies!! The part time job I managed to get with great difficulty after 4 months was at a gas station. I was racially abused few times ( called curry muncher, F*** OFF to India) by brainless Pacific Islanders (mostly Samoans). My colleagues mostly Indians kept saying this is south Auckland and a lot of people here are on the dole, criminals, druggies and that’s why i will have to put up with all this nonsense if I have to survive there. In 1 1/2 year’s time I had developed thick skin but had enough because my manager would always roster me even during my exams. i quit and moved to another gas station which was another crap hole in South Auckland where I managed to survive through for another year.

Fortunately ( I thought ! ) I managed to secure a part time job at an engineering company which would be beneficial for me to write some relevant experience on my CV. I entered the company and found it to be really unprofessional and having an anti-student mentality. We were treated like slaves. ( make us work like donkeys for a pathetic pay of $12 an hour). The company was mostly full of high school dropouts with very little regard for education. I finished my degree during this time in 2008 and then the recession has broke out. This company had started making people redundant as a result of which I was made on call from part time ( indirectly kicking us out ). I resigned and started looking for new jobs as this company has stopped hiring. GOSH what?? another nightmare !! There were no jobs and somehow after 4 months i managed to secure a technician position at a company in East Auckland. This was the beginning of hell. My boss was a British version of Hitler ( born and raised here to English parents) . This job paid me $ 15 an hour ( what a wonderful pay for a graduate engineer ! ) I was abused almost every second day by this asshole. You didn’t do this, didn’t do that all the time. British Hitler knew I was vulnerable and on a work visa so he took full advantage of it. The regional manager was another British tosser from Adelaide ( horribly racist) as he used to taunt myself and another Sri Lankan colleague all the time saying horrible stuff like you guys are from the third world… (Hello India is the second largest emerging economy in the world).The reaming kiwis were also really ignorant and had zero general knowledge. Finally I got my residency and after taking so much I was just sick and took a break and went to India.

New Zealanders are the most arrogant, racist creeps i have ever met in my whole lifetime. These people think they are the greatest race on planet and look down upon others races. Their media is the worst and always potrays India in poor light. All the assholes go about is what a wonderful country this is! Bullshit ! a COUNTRY full of crap cars all second hand rubbish from Japan, groceries, petrol prices are nothing short of a heart attack. NZ Television is full of racist ediots. The job market what crap does it really exist?? Recruitment is a scam in this shithole called NZ. I will come back with the remaining bit of my story. Thanks for reading.

Brazil’s Police Succeed Where NZ’s Police Fail

November 13, 2014 1 comment
Phillip John Smith pictured at Auckland airport on 6 Nov

Phillip John Smith checking out at Auckland airport on 6 Nov

Escaped murderer and serial child abuser Phillip John Smith has been arrested and detained in Brazil.

Smith was arrested by Brazil Federal Police just after he was recognised by someone at a hostel in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.

Smith checked into the Cidade Maravilhosa youth hostel yesterday morning where he shared a room with three others…source

Smith escaped from a NZ prison and used a passport obtained in his birth name Phillip Traynor to flee to Brazil. His escape was funded using thousands of dollars he earned running a business from prison. Smith even held a valid driving license with his prison address on it, suggesting that he was allowed of out prison and was driving regularly on public roads.

While incarcerated in New Zealand he studied for a university degree and became a 80% shareholder in WSE Marketing Ltd in 2008, banking thousands of dollars. source.  He absconded whilst on a visit to a mysterious un-named sponsor, no details have been given about who that was or why Smith was allowed to be out of prison.

Yet despite obvious multiple cock-ups Prime Minister Key has backed an “efficient corrections department”

At a press conference this morning, Mr Key said the Corrections Department had been “for the most part extremely well-run and highly efficient” in his time as Prime Minister.

He said the department would be reviewing Phillip John Smith’s escape while on temporary release, and taking advice on whether a wider inquiry would be launched…

Smith’s victims, some of whom emigrated to Australia after his sentencing, will be very relieved to hear that he’s back behind bars again.

The NZ criminal justice system failed to prevent Smith from stalking, harassing and abusing them. It failed to protect vulnerable children and failed the father who was stabbed trying to protect his son when Smith crept into his bedroom one dark night.

It failed them again when it allowed Smith to run a business from behind bars. It failed again when it issued him a passport in his birth name. It failed miserably when he escaped and boarded a plane to Chile. Their Prime Minister failed them when he turned the escape into a joke (Murder, child abuse no laughing matter Mr Key)

Please New Zealand, for the sake of his victims, let Smith serve his time in a Brazilian jail. They’ll probably make a better job of keeping him there and punishing him for his crimes. They take crime seriously in Brazil.

Also in NZ news today



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