Migrant Tales – “Average Joe’ Families Exodus In Progress!”

For one reason or another most migrants manage to be able to leave New Zealand, eventually.

Welcome to the latest in our Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent in a while ago by a British migrant who’s been living in Christchurch for 6 years – so he’s experienced the effects of the earthquakes first hand.

If you’re thinking about moving to Christchurch, or anywhere else in NZ for that matter, you should probably read this.

Here’s his tale

‘Average Joe’ Families Exodus In Progress!

Hey guys, I’ve been here 6 years now after leaving the UK to start a life with a Kiwi girl here. I’m shocked how my city is developing an unhealthy bashing of the middle class and hard working ‘average families’ who are critical to the successful make up of any city. The ‘bottom feeders, benefits brigade’ make do with their alcoholic fueled, miserable existence, while the ‘mega rich, could not give a dam, pull the ladder up jack crowd’ get richer and feed off the remaining families that are attempting to survive their personal financial Kiwi Armageddon.

In fact, all you have to do is check out the Harcourts website – Christchurch listings – to see an indication of what I mean. I’m no way picking on Harcourts, as all the real estate agencies are the same. Guilty of selling highly priced rubbish and renting sub-standard, first world dwellings at extortionate rates to desperate families.

You can’t rent a decent, warm family house for anything less than $450 per week. Think about that for one minute against average wages. If you want to buy, then there is, for example, a parcel of land in Halswell available for $265,000 – no house, just land for 720 sq metre section. Its not as though land is hard to find in the city after the earthquake. lol

Other examples of Kiwi ingenuity is the ‘good old Kiwi’ house auction process. I could write an article on that alone, but sticking to my point, check out how many house sale listings do not show a price. Hmmm…feel like I’m being ripped off again!

The sad reflection of all this ‘underhand’ activity is that no wonder Christchurch is finding it difficult to attract skilled people and retaining their skills for the rebuild. Other families are leaving in droves to places where they can buy a house for, say, 2 to 3 times earnings, rather than buy a sub-standard house here for 6 to 7 times earnings. A sure way to be trapped for good is to be suckered in and overpay like this while the false boom continues.

The Earthquake was scary, but trying to find suitable, affordable accommodation in Christchurch is way more difficult and emotionally devastating task for its survivors now, creating a enormous crisis and exodus trend which will develop its own momentum in time.”

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3 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – “Average Joe’ Families Exodus In Progress!”

  1. Yup. If you can, get out my friend. Crimechurch’s atmosphere is a silent killer. It will eventually infect people and get them to into alcoholism, laziness, obesity and poverty. It’s a breeding ground for modern slavery (think about the exploitation of foreign construction laborers. Pls do yourself a favor and get out of there ASAP.

  2. Let’s not forget the 6 foot fences going up all over Christchurch. In my suburb, you hardly ever saw them but the fence builders are busy. My property is completely secured with large fences and gates, cctv cameras and zone alarms. We did this because of the rise in crime in New Zealand, and notably, Christchurch. Only 3 days ago, I was approached by an aggressive maori man on the street who saw me, and made a bee-line straight toward me. He pressed against my car door to stop it opening and tried to make me drive him to Aranui – one of the most crime ridden parts of Christchurch – It was very intimidating. If you are ever in this position, just say nothing and drive off, as I did. Christchurch is not only a dump, it’s a dangerous one.

  3. Nice write up but please Let me know somewhere in nz you can by a house for 2 -3 times the average income. If there are cheap houses anywhere there are no jobs within probably 1.5 hrs commute 1 way. The system is broken. Even Goldman Sachs is now stating NZ housing is a bubble and will crash. The government is trying the only thing it knows how which is to dupe immigrants to bring their money here for a ‘better life’. Well if you are from any western country it may seem like heaven to start off but reality will soon bite and you will realise that even on a above average income you will only be able to just feed your family and watch your debt increase.

    On a separate note Christchurch is now coming off its construction boom and poverty is starting to ramp up. Combine this with the underlying meth problem that was kept in tabs when loose money was rolling around the city and we will soon be seeing a massive spike in violent crime. The place is going down quickly.

    In addition I like your comment about the smug and arrogant rich listers. The problem I see is this actually extends to most in the country who really don’t give one hoot about anyone else except themselves. Nzers definitely are not caring. Dig a bit deeper and you will find out they are always trying to get something out if you.

    My two cents worth. Leave this dump while you can.

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