New Zealand Really Fu*king Sucks! NZ Herald has Total Sense of Humor Failure At Australian Vlogger


The New Zealand Herald has launched into an attack on an Australian businessman, Archie Luxury (aka Paul Pluta)  for having the cheek to express his opinions about Auckland and New Zealand.

Foul-mouthed Aussie businessman rants about ‘expensive, overrated NZ’

2:58 PM Monday Feb 20, 2017
An Australian businessman has unleashed a vile rant online about an “expensive, overpriced” New Zealand and “vicious” Auckland.  Paul Pluta, also known as Archie Luxury, told his more than 35,000 YouTube followers he was in Auckland for work.

“Beautiful sunny gorgeous Auckland,” he said sarcastically. “This is a mean place to be. I mean not only is the weather f***ing awful, it’s cold, it’s damp, it’s wet. I don’t know why anyone would want to come here?”

He carried on his more-than-five-minute-long rant by saying Auckland was “vicious and savage”…read the rest here

Why should Aunty Herald give a toss about what Mr Pluta thinks, because so much of what he says is true? Meanwhile, Archie is loving the attention and has a great sense of humour, even referring to Auckland as the ‘capital’ of New Zealand. Advisory, video contains some salty language.


Expect to see a myriad of ad hom attacks directed at Archie over the next few days from ‘laid back Kiwis’ 🙂

Here’s some examples:




11 thoughts on “New Zealand Really Fu*king Sucks! NZ Herald has Total Sense of Humor Failure At Australian Vlogger

  1. Having lived in Auckland this guys take on the place was polite. It is a damp, miserable shitehole full of people who wished they where somewhere else. Just like much of NZ.

  2. This post carries far less substance than some of your others.

    A guy moaning about a rainy day isn’t really a story.

  3. Why give him crap? – typical New Zealand, and typical New Zealand crap media (their take is truly fake news); he’s only telling it like it is! That’s why the immigrants still come, and then leave, if they can afford to, having used up all their cash and lost everything. They simply don’t believe people like this who have been here and know New Zealand is an overrated, expensive hole full of people who are less than friendly. He didn’t say “Auckland” is New Zealand’s capital city, he said “Shit capital city”, and he’s right! Wellington is a hole. People who won’t listen to truth from the commentators deserve all they get here.

    • I lived in Wellington for 6 months in 2006, a place called Mana, near Porirua. People in Welly were a really stuck up, snotty bunch of tossers. I absolutely hated the place. Never been to Auckland apart from the airport, but i know it will be no different.

      Christchurch was barely tolerable before the earthquakes. Now its desolation incarnate.

      • Hi Nebula,

        I lived in Wellington too, for 2 years, the place barely has work, its a little bit better than Auckland in terms of the people, bit more friendly to some extend but racism never stops anywhere in this stupid small country.
        I had on several occasions people make racist jokes to me at work, even I had some imbecile telling me I am not from here even though I immigrated 30 years ago and on several occasions I had people asking me what my nationality was even though I have a kiwi
        I worked for a fabricator who was a complete asshole and fired me for a reason that he was running out of work after 6 months, he kept shouting all the time and had no respect for anyone..just a complete inbred asshole. and also mention its crazy weather and wind, at best you get 1 month of summer and that is it. The place is small too, and its a joke.

        • Hey Amir.

          Yes, I have bad, bad memories of Wellington. I worked in the Mcdonalds at Mana in 2006, which is right next to the sea, and i was severely suicidal at the time. Because it was such a nasty miserable place to be.

          The customers were foul, hostile, and incredibly self entitled. Never met such rude people in my life. Staff were dickheads too. Only made one friend there.

          I lived in a shared house, with about 6 other people, and the landlord, a guy in his late 40s, was a druggie. He smoked ‘spots’, or hot knives as they are called in the UK, (where you burn cannabis resin on a knife on the cooker element then inhale it) in the kitchen on the kitchen cooker. I never used the kitchen as it looked like a drug den. It was filthy. His girlfriend was a prostitute who went into my room several times while i was out rummaging through my stuff and left my room tip. I ended up having a punch up with the the landlord on the drive way after i unleashed my fury over it.

          I left a few days later very early in the morning and spray painted obscenities all over both their cars. That was revenge for stuff they had stolen and taking my bloody computer tower as payment for some bullshit phone bill that wasnt even mine.

          It was the talk of the town for months afterwards. The last I heard back then was the guy wanted to find me and kill me. Ha. I got on a plane to Christchurch that very day.

          • Hi Nebula,

            Yeah I think I know the place Mana that you are talking about, I think its by Paramatta…

            I mean in terms of rudeness and foul, they are everywhere in NZ, they specially target immigrants anywhere because immigrants, specially asians or indians are easy to target, make abuse comments or threaten them.

            You rarely seen them make threats or abuse to pacific islanders because not only they are mostly large but they will fight back.

            I work with people in my workplace that their mentality is laughable, they do not know much of the outside world and believe anything on tv.

            I often get racist jokes thrown at me, if its not my name that is the joke, its my ethnicity…there is one kiwi guy that I am friends with, for once know a man who is very open minded and has helped me, and he is open minded because of his career past, he worked for NZ embassy abroad for years and travelled to middle east and asia and lived there so he is very bright and open minded..

            few weeks ago he told me jokingly, can tell some people here that you are indian, pakistani or any other middle eastern country and they will believe you, because it doesnt make any difference to them, they do not know of anything of outside world because NZ, we are so remote…

  4. Haha. No one in the youtube comment section can handle his criticism of perfect New Zealand, so they revert to ad homs. Typical Kiwis.

  5. That was quite some rant!
    I agree that ad hominem attacks will now follow. It doesn’t help his chances in this department that the gentleman in the video appears to have a large malteezer sticking out of the side of his left temple .

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