Another AJ Hackett Bungy Swing Fail, and the MD Gets off a Drink Driving Conviction


The AJ Hackett Bungy Swing, Kiwi know-how at its finest.

There’s been another incident at the Nevis Bungy Swing.

A male customer and an instructor fell/was knocked off off the platform, meanwhile the MD got off a drink driving conviction so he could travel to Canada .

A Queenstown adventure-seeker got more than they bargained for after an equipment malfunction at the AJ Hackett Nevis Swing left them hanging 160 metres in the air…A staff member was also knocked outside the swing deck during the incident before being hoisted back in. He was on his safety line, but was knocked off the edge of the jump deck.  When asked what went wrong, he said, “it’s impossible to explain the complexities of the system to a lay person”.

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand managing director Henry van Asch said staff pulled the swinger back into the pod, and provided support and reassurance. source

Drink Driving Charge

Interestingly, Mr Henry Van Asch was recently caught drink driving at over three times the limit but was “discharged without conviction” because a criminal conviction would’ve messed up his ability to travel to Canada on business and promote Kiwi know-how abroad.

April 2016

A bungy pioneer caught driving while three times the limit has been discharged without conviction….

In Queenstown’s court this morning, Van Asch’s lawyer Bill Dawkins says the businessman needs to travel to Canada on business.

Dawkins says a drink-drive conviction would halt the trip, leading to consequences for the business, for New Zealand tourism workers likely in future to be deployed abroad, and for the export of NZ knowledge. Judge David Ongley agreed the consequences of a conviction were out of proportion with the gravity of the offending. source

Henry van Asch is also the owner of van Asch wines.

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