NIWA Server Used to Update Carter and McCaw’s Wiki Pages, Internet Mana Party, and Sea Lions.


Wikipedia, anyone can edit it

A sever belonging to a Crown Research Institute organisation – The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) – has been used to update the Wikipedia pages of two New Zealand All Blacks, the Internet Mana Party, and to provide copious updates on the NZ Sea Lion. You can view the changes here.

A number of interesting Wiki pages have been visited over the years using the NIWA server.

These discussions were about edits to the page for Fijian leader Frank Bainimarama, a topic you’d think would be outside the remit of most NIWA staff? apparently not. With reference to an edit made from the server that addedFijian Dictator <ref>,25197,24215858-16953,00.html,

“Ok you win; but of course it is perjorative, people don’t like dictatorship. You might want to amend the stalin and hitler pages to be consistent with this policy…”

“Undid revision 259806585 by Gadfium (talk) Is this censorship? If you believe he does not fit the difinition, justifiy it.)”

You can read about other Wikipedia edits here

1080: DOC staffer censors Wikipedia to remove anti-1080 information – “the staffer deleted a reference to films against the poison” from Wikipedia’s “1080 usage in New Zealand” page.

NZ’s Ministry of Justice servers used to edit Wikipedia pages, Pike River Mine charges dropped – “MoJ staffers obviously have too much time on their hands if they’re tinkering with Wikipedia and reading Maybe there are more worthwhile pursuits they could be engaged with?”


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