Road rage driver’s own video is evidence against him. Hatred of cyclists in NZ


Cyclists get a raw deal from incompetent and impatient drivers in NZ

A NZ cranky driver’s video of a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre, filmed while passing a group of cyclists, has been handed to the police in the hope he’ll be charged with dangerous driving.

The report alleged that motorist Pauli Mac made the recording.

The film, taken in the Hamilton area, originally appeared on the Facebook page NZ Drivers Against Idiot Cyclists (it has since been removed).

It’s a great example of the intolerance cyclists attract from other road users in New Zealand.

For the record, the cyclists were breaking no laws here, unlike the driver of the car who was filming while driving.

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3 thoughts on “Road rage driver’s own video is evidence against him. Hatred of cyclists in NZ

  1. Round-abouts are very dangerous, school kids get whacked every year. I almost got run down by a logging truck. With the 1.5m clearance rule being something that is not enforced and another case of not meaning what you say or saying what you mean [wide spread phenomenon in NZ].

  2. I cycle daily in NZ, mostly solo, sometimes with some friends. No matter how, where or in the manner in which we ride someone will take exception to it.
    Ive had everything from Bottles, cans used disposable nappies thrown at me, had cars deliberately swerve in at me, been abused and on two occasions had drivers I was supposedly holding up stop and take a swing at me.
    2 year ago I spent the NZ winter in Europe cycling, and in over 3000km didn’t have 1 incident occur. In fact was all too often encouraged and applauded by drivers as I climbed through the Alps.
    There are where no separate cycle lanes usually, often roads not a great deal different to the roads in NZ.

    If only people in cars were as picky on the style, manner or way their fellow drivers behaved we’d have a zero road toll.

    But please people, have a look at the facebook page and witness for yourself the vile hatred we suffer. And then click the report button and encourage FB to remove the page.

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