14 Year Old’s Spine Broken In School Attack, Flaxmere College

We are very saddened to learn of yet another school attack in New Zealand and that it had a ‘gang’ connection.

This time it was at Flaxmere College, Hastings, during recess three weeks ago and the girl is still recovering from her injuries:

A 14-year-old girl is expected to spend weeks in hospital after being viciously attacked by two other girls at a Hastings school.

Adriana Kemp‘s spine is fractured after two girls punched her multiple times, as she laid on the school field, curling up in pain, TV3 reported.

She is now in Hawke’s Bay Hospital where she is expected to spend the next few weeks.

Her mother Moana Hawkins was shocked that Flaxmere College did not call police or an ambulance for her daughter.

“I can’t believe anything like this could ever happen at school. You trust your children to go to school and be looked after,” she said…read more on Stuff: Vicious beating at Hastings school

Our thoughts are with Adriana and we wish her a speedy recovery from her injuries, both physical and emotional, sustained in what must’ve been a terryfing attack for this young woman.

A reporter writing for Stuff said Adriana’s mother found about about that attack after her daughter text her to say she’d been gang- bashed.

She’s also seen a phone video of the assault., which she found very upsetting. The Herald reported that someone anonymously sent the video to Adrian’s father.

She told the media that she had asked the school to get an ambulance for her daughter. She also alleged that the school wasn’t able to call the police so she had to do it:

“They said ‘No we can’t do it’ so I had to do it,” she said. Hawkins also said she asked the school to call an ambulance, but they suggested she should take her daughter to the doctors.

The school said an ambulance wasn’t called as the family arrived soon after the incident occurred and told the school they would take her to the hospital.

Flaxmere College principal Louise Anaru said bullying and fighting was a “national issue”, when asked if it was a problem at the school…” (Stuff)

We know bullying at school in New Zealand is a national issue, we’ve blogged about it often enough, but that doesn’t absolve a school from acting to prevent it on its own doorstep.Nor does it prevent it from caring for the child after the attack.

The original TV3 TV news report about the beating may be found here Flaxmere College student’s bashing shocks mother – Video and it contains video which you may find disturbing.

Posters on the New Zealand community site Trade Me were quick to express their disgust at the attack and at the principal’s failure to call neither the police nor an ambulance for the badly injured girl.

If you’re bringing your children to New Zealand to attend school you may wish to familiarise yourself with its problem of bullying in its schools, which are perceived to be the problem areas and how each school deals with it.

You may be shocked to learn that New Zealand has one of the worst reputations in the world for school bullying, and its a “culture of brutality” that extends into adult life. For further information click on any of the links below. For other posts about the town of Flaxmere click here

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