Strong Aftershock Hits Christchurch, Fresh Quake, Updated

Update – A fresh quake strikes on morning of 30 April, scroll down

The long suffering residents of Christchurch endured another strong aftershock this afternoon, 16 April 2011.

A magnitude 5.3 quake,  10km northeast of Diamond Harbour at a depth of 11km, was felt strongly in the city, according to a GNS report quoted on The NZ Herald’s website. It was followed by a series of smaller shakes. The earthquake was later classified as a new event for insurance purposes

The Herald reported that power was lost to 20,000 Orion electricity customers, mainly in the southern part of Christchurch. More rocks had fallen in the suburban district of Sumner, an elderly couple were trapped in their Woolston home and stock had fallen again from supermarket shelves.

Stuff also reported on the quake

“Dixie McGregor, who works at the Pegasus Arms on Oxford Tce said emergency services had been mobilised.

“We’ve got a pub full of people but it’s OK here but all I can see outside is the Army and police. Some ambulances have left the hospital too – here we go again.”

Comments on social networking site Facebook include, “Is everyone OK? I don’t know how much more of this my nerves can take.”

One Twitter user said, “TV fell down in that one but it’s still going so everything is fine!”

At least 100 ‘felt it’ reports have been recorded on GNS Science.

Press reporter Martin van Beynen, who lives in Diamond Harbour, said the shaking of his weatherboard house was the most violent since the February 22 earthquake…” more here

New Zealand Police gave the following information

Police reassurance patrols checking rockfalls

Christchurch Police reassurance and response patrols are checking the Lyttelton, Cass Bay and Port Hills areas as a precautionary measure after reports of minor rockfalls following the 5.3 magnitude aftershock which hit the city just before 6pm tonight.

There is some rock debris in the Marriner Street area of Sumner, although the road is not closed. Some pipes were reported to have burst in the New Brighton area and power is out in some parts of the eastern suburbs.

Police urge people to be careful on the roads and to keep speeds down, especially in areas where traffic lights or street lights are out.

People rapidly shared information about the quake on the Trademe forum: Holy Shit that was big!!!!!! with people reporting it was huge in Cashmere and Kaipoi, nasty in New Brighton, massive in Queenspark and Avonhead, and big in Bexley. One person reported that the water flew out a half filled pool.

This latest quake has caused further liquefaction of soil in parts of Christchurch,this video of flooding and liquefaction was uploaded to YouTube this evening

These are some of the photos that were posted tonight on

Liquefaction 16 April 2011

liquefaction 16 April 2011


On the morning of Saturday 30 April a new quake (i.e. not an aftershock) of magnitude 5.2 was centered 60km north west of Christchurch at a depth of only 9km, causing alarm in various parts of the South Island

Reference Number 3505099
Universal Time April 29 2011 at 19:08
NZ Standard Time Saturday, April 30 2011 at 7:08 am
Latitude, Longitude 43.18°S, 172.01°E
Focal Depth 9 km
Richter magnitude 5.2
Region Canterbury
  • 20 km north of Springfield
  • 20 km north-west of Oxford
  • 60 km north-west of Christchurch

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  1. Just think how much stronger the economy would be if all the expat Kiwis returned home, started repaying their loans and also started paying taxes, buying houses, cars and other consumer goods, starting up small businesses, bringing in offshore capital, etc.

    Is this a real call home? Or just a way of stirring up resentment towards those who’ve left and making those who remain feel guilty about leaving?

  2. In the paper, it said that every full-time employee in New Zealand or the equivalent will be paying over $5000 each to rebuild Christchurch, and called for all the expat Kiwi citizens enjoying those nice foreign salaries and not paying their student loans back, to send money home to rebuild Christchurch. quote “What New Zealand needs is a rapid injection of billions from offshore, as a cost to other countries’ economies, and not our own. How is that possible? Quite simply put, there is a $2 billion debt owed by over 85,000 New Zealand-educated citizens, now living overseas, who have outstanding student loans. 35,000 of these Kiwis abroad are behind in their repayment”. They were reminded that there is a 6.6% interest rate on their student loans that they could spare themselves if they pay up to help those left behind.

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