Mission Bay Machete Robbery Linked To Multiple Muggings – Updated

A machete wielding gang (3 men and a woman) involved in a robbery in Mission Bay the early hours of this morning have been linked to similar stand overs that took place elsewhere in Auckland over night. The attackers were believed to be a ‘group’ of Pakeha teenagers.

Two more attacks happened in Balmoral and there was one in Auckland’s central business district. Residents in these areas reported hearing screaming outside their homes at the times the offences were committed.

Fortunately there were no injuries but the multiple nature of these muggings and the weapon of choice is alarming. Machetes seem to be being used far more frequently lately in the commissions of crime in New Zealand.

Even the police, with all their resources aren’t immune to this sort of attack in New Zealand

A couple of days ago Feilding teenager Japhet Joseph Simeona, 18, who’d attacked a police officer with a machete yelling “are you dead yet,” was sentenced to eight years and three months for attempted murder, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and attempted arson.

His 14 year old accomplice, who was given name suppression, is also facing the same charges and is awaiting trial.

The pair were in a car pulled-over near Taihape by Senior Constable Bruce Mellor who breath tested Simeona. When he questioned them they both gave false details, then when he turned to go and check on them he was attacked. You can read more about the events here.

SC Mellor was conscious throughout his attack and suffered

“a fractured skull, a broken eye socket and jaw and broken front teeth, a “patchwork” of cuts to his face, skull, arms and hands and a massive gash running around his forehead to his ear.” (source)

Nasty weapon, he was very fortunate not to have been killed.

Update: Teens arrested

Following more robberise in Orakei Rd and Sherbourne Rd, Mt Eden police arrrested  two 17-year-old males,  a 16-year-old male and a 16-year-old female who are to appear in youth court charged with numerous offences including aggravated robbery, assault with intent to rob, aggravated assault, trespass and drug charges.

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