Christchurch Loses RWC Matches, Logisitical Nightmare For Auckland

3.05pm NZ time: Murray McCully announced that all of the city’s quarter final games will be moved to Auckland’s Eden Park on the same dates and times;  and that the NZ government will support efforts to re-locate the pool games to other locations in the South Island. The government will also pay $4.1 million to re-instate the AMI’s pitch which was uninsured.

As for the five pool matches, progress is moving quickly and there is a good idea on where they need to go. An announcement will be made in 2 weeks on where exactly. The government is supportive of keeping as many as possible in the South Island, but two will probably go to the north.

Condolences to Cantabrians who were looking forward to having the tournament in the region. We’re hoping that the SI may be able to retain all of the pool matches.

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Thinking about travelling to Auckland for the matches?

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