Windy Wellington “Coolest Little Capital In The World”

Heads up for Wellington Scoop for their unraveling of the some of the spin put out about Wellington’s recent raking by Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet is said to have ranked Wellington as 4th in a list of the world’s best cities, but that and the description of the city being “Cool” aren’t quite what they seem.

Scoop says that Wellington may be on the Lonely Planet list of the top 10 cities for 2011 but it depends on which list you’re using.

The LP’s website places Wellington a humble tenth out of 15 recommendations – and it shares to position with Auckland, Napier, Rotorua and other. That list hasn’t been updated since February 2009.

Scoop goes on to say the comments about Wellington aren’t exactly was was claimed in a Positively Tourism Wellington’s brochure i.e. that Wellington has been “named … the coolest little capital in the world.”

There are a number of Lonely Planet books dedicated to New Zealand, of which the $34 “Best In Travel 2011″

“offers hundreds of “best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences,” chosen by a panel of travel experts. It’s great that we are on the list, but the comments about us are not exactly what’s claimed in today’s brochure issued by Positively Tourism Wellington which tells us that we’ve been “named … the coolest little capital in the world.”

Scoop compared that to what was actually written

Chances are the slogan writers would have gone for ‘Coolest Little Capital in the World’ were it not for the unfortunate allusion to the chilly southerlies that gust through the streets.”

…“Despite (or maybe because of) its impetuous weather, Wellington is Cool-with-a-capital-C, crammed with more bars, cafes and restaurants per capita than New York, and a slew of gourmet producers including some ten independent coffee roasteries.” And the headline at the top of the page does say “The coolest little capital in the world.” No one would blame our tourist promoters for seizing on such words.

And if the Lonely Planet writer sometimes seems to be carried away – we may not share her view that catching the cable car is one of our “life-changing experiences” …” read the full article here

The writer obviously took the ride on a very windy day, for which Wellington is famous.


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