Life Not So Sweet For NZ Teachers

An interesting article in today’s NZ Herald has highlighted the status of teaching  in New Zealand, a popular occupation for many immigrants from OCED countries looking for a lifestyle change down under, it seems that the grass is definitely not greener for many of them.

An international report shows that NZ teachers are among the lowest paid in the OECD, but work some of the longest hours, only teachers in Mexico and the USA work more:

Teachers ‘paid less, work more’

…The annual Education at a Glance report, which compares the education systems of the 29 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, found that after 15 years’ experience, a New Zealand teacher made $10,000 a year less than OECD counterparts on average.

They also started on an average of $10,000 less than Australian counterparts and earned up to $82,000 less than those in top-paying Luxembourg…”Read the full report here

Hardly surprising that teachers in NZ are about to strike for a 4% pay rise.

If you are emigrating to NZ to take up a teaching position, or you have children that will be be going through any stage of the NZ education system (including tertiary) you may wish to read our Education and Children page here which is one of our NZ Facts and Stats pages.

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