Mount Hutt Claims Third Life This Season – Updated

Another skiier has died on Mount Hutt.

A 54 year old woman is thought to be the third person to be killed on the mountain this season. One News reported that the woman was seriously injured when she fell 700 metres on to rocks and ice at 3.15 pm today. She was airlifted off by helicopter but later died in hospital. Later news reports named her as Dimity Anne Tomkin from Christchurch.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends for their tragic loss.

Three weeks ago a 21 year old American woman was killed under similar circumstances and an investigation was launched into her death. Immediately afterward a leading neurosurgeon called for helmets to be made compulsory on all NZ ski fields:

“I want people to be protected by whatever means necessary,” says Dr Martin Macfarlane, head neurosurgeon at Christchurch Hospital.

“Some people don’t understand the risk and therefore they need help to understand what reduces the risk. “If that means a law, then that is the way to go.”

In California law requires children under the age of 18 to wear a helmet if they dn’t want their parents to receive an instant fine.

“There are too many people who think they are bullet proof. Helmets should be compulsory,” says ski injury victim John Liddell.

Previously this season, a  60 year Arthur Richardson perished when his car left the Mount Hutt access road as he was travelling home after a days’ skiing. His body and the wreckage of his car were found by a search party sent out to look for him after he failed to return home.

Thinking about skiing on Mount Hutt? read  visitor reviews on Snow link

“Angela, UK. Aug 2009 from United Kingdom

I’ve only ever skied in Austria so the runs available at Mount Hutt seemed limited but ok for a day. The drive up in the ski bus was scary to say the least – that alone would put me off coming again. The pistes were well groomed but one that opened later in the day was very icy. I don’t think it got any sun at all. I felt like a beginner again. There was a lively band playing which gave a slight apres-ski feel but arriving back in Methven, it was very quiet. Not exactly St Anton. Sorry about the negative comments but two people were killed off-piste while we were in NZ – if the area to ski was more extensive, maybe people wouldn’t feel this need? What a blast to ski in August though.”

Video of driving down the Mount Hutt Access Road

3 thoughts on “Mount Hutt Claims Third Life This Season – Updated

  1. Thanks P Ray, also the article you found gave her age as 54, not 56. They should get it right first time.

    As yet her name hasn’t been released and we’re wondering if that’s because she was a visitor in New Zealand.

    It’s concerning that all three of these people effectively fell to their deaths, that should be ringing alarm bells about safety barriers, warning signs etc.

  2. The conflicting record is a good example of shoddy journalism, in that another newspaper has said that the height is only 400 metres…
    Freedom of speech, does not mean very much when all you hear spoken are lies.

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