Entering The ‘Twilight’ Zone, 2 Unexplained Deaths In Wellington

Two bodies have been found in Wellington over the last 24 hours, both of them said to be young males.

The first was that of an 18 year old found behind an apartment complex on Egmont Street on Sunday morning:

“Piercing screams were heard coming from a central Wellington alley hours before the youth’s body was discovered there, locals say.

A resident who would only give his name as Jo said residents believed the man had fallen from an eighth-floor balcony…” source

The other was that of a young man found at a Wellington cinema last night after a screening of Eclipse – one of the films in the Twilight Vampire v. Werewolves saga.

Some news reports are hinting that the death at the cinema may be in some way connected to the subject matter of the film, no doubt mindful of an alleged ‘vampire’ attack in the city in February (read Lansdowne Homicide Inquiry, Missing Women And Vampires for background) which we think is distasteful under the circumstances, they should at least wait for the coroner’s report.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the deceased at this difficult time.