Mosgiel’s “Had A Gutsfull” Of Boy Racers

A few days ago we published a blog about the road side killing of a young boy in an area of Christchurch infamous for its attraction to ‘boy racers’, or ‘hoons’ as they are called in New Zealand. See Hoon car kills kid – boy racers your time is up

But Christchurch isn’t the only place in New Zealand to be plagued by this menace, the widespread activity attributed to bored youth in New Zealand being allowed to drive powerful cars, often without insurance, at a young age and with a lack of anything better to do with their time.

The residents of Mosgiel (see points of interest) have had a gutsful of their hoons, with one saying the noise is driving her insane but the police have issued them with a strange response, according to the ODT

We can’t be babysitting them all the time.” Police are up against it

Residents and businesses on Dukes Rd, near Mosgiel, say they have “had a gutsful” of boy racers damaging and littering the roadside and their properties and keeping them awake.

And they say they have also given up on the police doing anything about it. Police say they take boy racers seriously and target them continually, but have to prioritise what they respond to.

Dukes Rd business Store Safe owner Murray Nash said he was fed up with cleaning up after boy racers every Saturday morning. Both sides of the road for about 100m near his yard were usually littered with bottles, glass and empty alcohol packages, he said.

The road was covered in black marks and roadside grass and gravel were ripped up. Last Saturday, he filled two 20-litre containers with broken glass from inside his property, from bottles apparently lobbed over a 1.8m-high fence, he said.

“It’s been going on for two or three years, but it’s getting a lot worse.” He had complained to police, but said he found their response disappointing. One police operation he was aware of failed to result in any prosecutions.

Another business owner in the area said the noise was unbearable every Friday night and the road on Saturday morning was a “hell of a mess”. A nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said the noise was driving her family “insane”.

Up to 60 cars would congregate in Dukes Rd every Saturday, from about 12.15am to 2am, she said.Boy racers also visited on other nights. “I’ve got to the stage where half the time I don’t go to bed until they’re gone.

“You don’t really know what they are going to do, that’s the thing.” For a time, she complained to police every night it happened, but they would send out one car to look at what was going on and that was “useless”, she said.

I feel sorry for the cops, with everything they have to do, but we’ve had a gutsful.”…

…Police regularly monitored boy-racer activity and were well aware of the so-called Friday night drag trains which left from Andersons Bay Rd at midnight.

Police visited Andersons Bay Rd before the convoy left and sometimes took part undercover, but it was difficult to go undetected. ”

The convoy usually went to one of about five destinations, but it often became a game of “cat and mouse”, with boy racers using spotters, cellphones and police radio scanners to evade patrols.

“We are up against it sometimes, but we will continue to do operations targeting them.”

If someone reported problems with boy racers, officers would be sent to investigate, but police also had domestics, accidents, disorder and other crime to deal with each night, and could not always respond immediately.

“We can’t be babysitting them all the time.”

In other words, there are more important things to deal with in sleepy Mosgiel.

It’s now up to citizens:

“Noting registration plates and descriptions of drivers was helpful.

The officer in charge of Mosgiel police, Senior Sergeant Darryl Lennane, said anyone with serious concerns about boy-racer activity should contact him at the Mosgiel police station.”

Come on! the people of this village have been suffering with this problem for almost three years, up to 60 cars congregate in Dukes Rd every Saturday, from about 12.15am to 2am, residents were complaining to the police every time it happens and all they got was a patrol car sent out to watch what went on?

Is it any wonder that people are organising themselves into vigilante groups in New Zealand? is this what is comes down to at the end of the day,  if you want it sorted out you’ve got to do it yourself because no one else can?

Vigilantes in Martinborough were praised for “cleaning up the town” and let off without conviction despite them admitting to possessing an offensive weapon and recklessly discharging a firearm during a violent street fracas on May 21 last year. Vigilantes were needed there because of a lack of police officers.

Christchurch has the same problem, police are stretched there too. Even the death of a child isn’t enough to make to make people acknowledge there’s a serious problem with street racing and drifting in New Zealand (what are kids supposed to do?)

It’s time to find the funds to adequately resource the police  to stamp out the problem, if only in the urban areas.

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  1. We plan moving to New Zealand because we think that the place is safe and the environment clean. We have visited the place a couple of times, and is struck that “hoons” exists in some parts of NZ. We haven’t spotted the exact place to settle, but definitely not anywhere near Christchurch.

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