Swiss Tourists Assaulted And Racially Abused In Kaitaia

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We’ve heard that a family of Swiss Tourists were attacked in Kaitaia, Northland in January, as far as we know the story never made it to the national press but it was reported by The Northland Age.

Local moteliers Dave and Jay Galbraith have spoken publicly a number of times about the disorderly anti-social behaviour that regularly takes place on  Kaitaia’s North Road and they were stunned at the way the tourists were treated. Sadly it is yet another story about tourists not being forewarned about the possible dangers they face. According to The Northland Age:

“A Swiss couple and their daughter arrived, intending to stay for four nights, but left after one, complaining that their hosts should have warned them that the town’s streets were too dangerous to walk – at seven o’clock on a summer’s evening.

The family left the motel on their first evening in Kaitaia to walk into town, looking for a meal.

They had only travelled a hundred metres or so, however, when they were subjected to what Jay described as racist abuse from a group of young people, male and female, who were drinking on the other side of the road.

They quickened their pace but were struck by a flying bottle and other missiles. Fearing for their safety, they sought refuge at the Beachcomber Restaurant.

Clearly upset, they but did not stay for a meal, the proprietor driving them back to the motel.

They spent the night in their unit, doors and windows locked, and checked out next morning.

Jay said she and Dave had tried to undo some of the damage, but all the visitors wanted to do after that experience was leave.

“I wonder if these yoyos realise the damage they do to Kaitaia employment and tourism…”

“Yoyos” that’s putting it a bit lightly, and what of the damage done to people to people and property? What about pro-active policing?
This and other incidents have been serious enough for the editor of the paper to write a lengthy article on the problems in Kaitaia, condemning mob rule in the township.  He says it’s time the streets were “cleaned up”:

“This is not the first time that something approaching mob rule has been experienced in Kaitaia. Some years ago an English visitor, a tank commander no less, abandoned a walk through the town’s streets on a summer’s evening after encountering numbers of young people whose demeanour was so threatening as to raise questions, in his mind at least, regarding his safety.

It is time the streets were cleaned up. “

In another report a reader contacted the paper to say she had been the subject of racial abuse from teenagers in Matthews Road whilst driving her two young grandchildren along the road. A gang of youths had battered her car and hurled insults. She reported the incident to the police but had heard nothing back:

“The woman added that she had thought Kaitaia was a “pretty threatening place” when she arrived in the town 13 years ago, but had now reached the point where she was encouraging her daughter and son-in-law to take their family and leave.

I’m not doing that just because of this incident, but because I don’t think this is going to be a good place to live,” she said.

The change that she believed had taken place over the last 13 years, she added, was that the racist attitudes that had probably always existed were now being openly displayed.”

Perhaps her family are well advised to leave. In November elderly retired teacher and grandmother  Barbara Catherine Julian was battered to death in her Kaitaia home by an intruder, she’d earlier told her niece she’d been thinking about leaving the town because people in the area were frightening her. A 17 year old youth has been charged with her murder.

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10 thoughts on “Swiss Tourists Assaulted And Racially Abused In Kaitaia

  1. I wish to correct that poster. The other Santa attack town was Kaikohe, not Kaitaia.

    Have not heard anything one way or another about it, the matter of their being drunk or sober. Their conduct is similar whether or not they are pissed. I have witnessed it personally. It is a partying town, as many here in the Far North are.

    Teen gangs at night are a problem in many of these hopeless places. They only occasionally make online news, when they manage to kill someone, for example

    Otherwise, the reports of mayhem are contained in the local papers if even considered newsworthy.

  2. Notice how the report in the Advocate carefully leaves out references to alcohol?

    Don’t know which is worse – sober kids almost rioting during a Santa parade, or young teens out of their skulls so early in the day.

    Either way its not a good look for a town, even one with such a poor public image as Kaitaia.

  3. Kids are still attacking Santa in Kaitaia – seems like a tradition is being born.
    A woman, who attended Saturday’s parade, said it appeared she was appalled at the behaviour on display.
    Teenagers were running amok, throwing paint and other substances, she said,
    “It was one step short of a riot,” she said.
    “It was abominable. Disgusting. Someone is going to be killed if something isn’t done about this sort of behaviour.”

  4. It’s the Maori kids in Kaitaia. But they could be green or purple, whatever. The white thugs are mostly in West AKL and CC, West Coast South Island. In the North Island and especially in places like Bay of Plenty, South AKL and Far North, it’s the Maori kids. They’re as awful as each other.

    Kaitaia kids are ‘out of control’ – TUESDAY APRIL 20, 2010

    Kaitaia has long had problems from time to time with wayward children, but a senior police officer claimed last week that the situation was fast becoming intolerable. And girls seem to be leading the way.
    Detective Sergeant Trevor Beatson, who leads the police Tactical Response Group in Kaitaia, expressed real concern over the antics of a group of pre-teens and teenagers following a night of “mayhem” in and around the town’s main street last Monday night/Tuesday morning.
    He made his comments as police continued their investigations into several burglaries, where a “group of drunken youths” had “run amok.”
    “Kids as young as 12 and 13 were part of this group, led by a 16-year-old and a bunch of 14- and 15-year-olds,” he said.
    “Where were the parents, and what were they thinking letting their 12-, 13-, 14-, 15- and 16-year-old girls into town after 10 o’clock on a Monday night?”.
    The youngsters, who he described as highly intoxicated, had targeted licensed premises in a search for more alcohol. They had committed four burglaries in the process, and damaged public and private property.
    “We are looking at over $10,000 in property damage and over $1,000 in stolen property,” Detective Sergeant Beatson said.
    “The destruction these girls left in their wake is astonishing.”
    Police had identified and interviewed seven of the nine young people they believed had been involved, and as of late last week were working hard to locate the other two. Four had been arrested and charged with the burglaries, and would appear in the Youth Court at Kaitaia on May 11, while three others had been referred to the police Youth Aid Section. The incidents had hardly been an aberration, however.
    “There is a concern in our community about this type of offending,” he added.
    “The businesses that were targeted have expressed their outrage to us at the clear lack of parental control and the inability of parents to look after their children.
    “They are angry about the damage, they are angry about their stolen property, but they are mostly angry at poor parents who can’t control their children.”
    Numerous support agencies were available in Kaitaia to help parents and support families, however, and the police could put parents in touch with those agencies to prevent this type of event happening again.
    “If you need help, ask, don’t just let your kids do what they want when they want,” he said.

  5. quite foolish of tourists to stop in kaitaia really as it’s obvious when you approach the town that it’s a ****hole and has nothing of touristic value.

  6. Anyone else notice we are not told just who the racists are. Have we been left, yet again, to assume they were these mythical neo-nazi skinheads we are taught to believe lurk around every corner?

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