Tourism Boss Won’t Be Watching Letterman Show

When Tourism NZ chief executive George Hickton was asked recently if he would be sitting in the studio audience to watch John Key appear on the Letterman show (Key is both the Prime Minister and Tourism Minister for New Zealand) the answer was no, he wasn’t even sure who was going to get tickets but still intended to make the trip to New York as he had other work to do for Key.

A report in The Dominion Post today headed ‘Tourism boss’s plans thwarted‘ says that:

“Mr Hickton said he was still uncertain if he and other tourism officials would get to the show. “It’s probably unlikely. It’s not what I’m going for. Honestly, I couldn’t care less … I don’t even watch it.”

Do we detect a ‘flounce’? are show tickets that hard to come by? Here’s the link if you want to go

Mr Hickton tendered his resignation from Tourism NZ, as announced in early July. See blog post Tourism NZ Chief Exec ‘steps down.’

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