Tokoroa 15 Year Old Seth Tera Deliberately Run Over In Gang Initiation

Source: News

The Tokoroa 15-year-old who has been left fighting for his life after a hit and run incident yesterday was deliberately targeted by a group as part of a gang initiation, police say.

The teenager is in Waikato Hospital with head and chest injuries after the driver of a four-wheel-drive allegedly chased him for several blocks before running him over in Baberton St about 3.30am yesterday.
Detective Sergeant Kevan Verry said the group’s behaviour, clothing and mannerisms indicated they were associated with the Mongrel Mob.

“They are wannabes of this gang and they are just using that to intimidate members of the public,” he told 3News.

The injured youth and his two friends had no links to any gang and they just happened to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, Mr Verry said.

It was not known if the vehicle involved had sustained any damage from the incident.
“If any person knows of someone who drives or owns a vehicle of this type that has some unexplained damage, they are urged to contact police,” Mr Verry said.

The scene examination had been completed and several witnesses spoken to.
The teenager remains in a critical condition at Waikato Hospital’s intensive care unit.”

Earlier today an 18 year old man appeared in court charged with attempted murder. Seth Tera was said by police to have been chased for several blocks before the driver of the Isuzu MU 4 wheel drive ran over him. His mother told the Herald that Seth had his entire body run over with tyre marks on his back, a fractured skull, broken ribs and punctured lungs.

This kid was so lucky to have survived his ordeal, this could so easily have been another senseless murder of another young person in New Zealand. Many parents will be left wondering about the wisdom of letting their kids out after dark and if there will be any end to gang violence in New Zealand.

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