New Zealand Going to the Dogs?

Source: Britishexpats
“I have lived in NZ for 31yrs and my opinion is that it is getting worse and that the criminals are the ones that seem to have all the perks…I believe that prisons all over New Zealand should have a lock down one day a year and open the prisons to the general public or send the TV cameras in, after all we are paying for this so lets see exactly where our money is going…

I would bet that they live better lives in prison than some kiwis on the outside do with no stress of where their next meal is coming from and how will they pay next months power bill (of course they dont have a power bill to worry about because you and I are going to pay for it through the tax system)

This is where govenrment needs to get the balls to bring the prisons back to basics. A bare room with a bed and 4 walls to contemplate the crime that they have commited (this would happen in a perfect world but we aren’t living in a perfect world are we) But then i guess the human rights thing would come into play, those poor prisoners have rights too well im sorry but I believe they gave away their rights when they commited the crime. So my belief is start at the bottom forget the death penalty for now and make life inside what it should be.

I also feel that things will get worse with the mentality of some of todays younger crowd have you ever been out late at night to pick up a takeaway im talking at around 11.30 – midnight time. I have and its extremely intimidating, theses kids and they are very young are drinking their heads off and using goodness knows what else and they really dont care…I sat behind a car in McDonalds last weekend and there were these 2 girls hanging out the back windows of the car and the noise they were making was indescribable it sounded like a cat stuck in in a doorway and they were totally off their faces and teenagers were walking along the road carrying boxes of beer. I was really freaked out and locked my car doors the atmosphere was like something was going to kick off any minute and if it had i had no where to go as i was stuck in a McDonalds drive through..And inside it was worse the place was full of kids off their faces….

My question is what are these kids going to be like as adults, we all used to go out and have a good time as teenegers often having too much to drink but nothing like what im seeing today these kids are binge drinking and smoking and taking whatever drugs because they are easy to get nowadays we are allowing a culture to grow and the bottom line is these kids are going to munt their brains and lots will turn into crims because society wont want to employ them.

My apologies if i have rambled on here, there are so many vairables of why there is so much crime but that the bottom line is that there is no deterent to not be in jail. I have seen the tv programs where the drug smugglers or whatever are in the jails overseas are living in basic accomodation thats what we need over here the people that they attack rob or whatever have had their basic human rights taken away so why not the crims……………

And did you see another stabbing in Hokitika last night! School ball after function got out of control…….…-ball039-party