New Zealand’s sub tropical myth bites the dirt

Another New Zealand myth was busted today, it is often marketed as sub-tropical with Northland (perhaps jokingly) referred to as the tropical north.

Last year the average temperature was, wait for it, 12.5 degrees Celsius.

 The average temperature in New Zealand last year was just 12.5 degrees Celsius, despite December’s unusually warm weather, according NIWA’s annual climate summary.

That was 0.1C below the 1971-2000 annual average after 2012 started cloudy and wet, and had a particularly cold patch mid-year.

The summary, published today, shows Whakatane won the contest to be the sunniest place in the country, with 2602 sunshine hours, followed by Nelson with 2584 hours, and Tekapo with 2562 hours.

NIWA said cloudy and wet conditions in January and February meant the typical summertime swelter was absent. source

Emigrating to New Zealand to enjoy the scenery? be sure to pack your thermals and hold out for a well insulated, warm home (if you can find one)

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand’s sub tropical myth bites the dirt

  1. Also, something about the temperature in NZ. I was recently in Oz for about a month over Christmas. There was supposed to be a heat wave going on, temps in the mid 30s. Yet, it was all very easily handled. Back in NZ, the temps in the mid to upper 20s, and it feels “hotter” than it did in OZ. I’m not sure why, but the sun is intense in NZ, and feels “hotter” than the temps actually indicate. So, during the daylight hours, the sun feels much warmer than the temps would indicate. The incedence of skin cancer is also very high in NZ.
    So, a funny weather pattern in NZ that does not lend itself to being comfortable.

  2. Just came back from a month in Oz. When we landed, put on a jacket. First day back, wearing long pants and two shirts.
    Power to heat [unless you’ve got a fire and can heat with wood] is expensive.
    Cell phone costs are huge in NZ. While in Oz, I got a Vodaphone sim card with credit for $10. I was able to turn on all of the features of my phone and use a smart phone the way it was meant to be used for $10/month [data 500mb, 100 min. calling, and free txts]. People that use their phones in NZ that way pay about $100 per month.
    It was liberating to use a cell phone again because it was affordable with out worring about how much credit you had and if it was going to run out.
    Fuel in Oz is cheaper, clothing is cheaper [and a much, MUCH bigger and better selection]… The list is endless. Food, cheaper and better. Roads, better [by FAR]. Public transportation, way better.
    So, if NZ is banking on the weather being more tropical [NZ is 12 degrees south of the tropics, and feels it in the winter] than Oz that has the Tropic of Capricorn running right through it, then “game over”.

  3. My power bill in peak season in America is 1/3 the amount it was in New Zealand’s peak power usage season. This is because the houses are built much better.

  4. A legacy of Lies eventually gets found out… If only these issues were known up front it can be dealt with but to suffer these dreadful living conditions year after year is draining and exhausting. Immigrants still trying to justify their decisions years afterwards.

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