Thanks for Your Support Over the Years.

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The admin team have decided that to draw things to a close at and move on with new ventures unrelated to dismantling myths about New Zealand. has been going in one form or another since late 2008 and in that time the site has covered just about every major NZ event and kool-aid tainted breaking news story.

When started there was zilch warts-n-all information about New Zealand for prospective migrants. We’re very proud to have played a considerable part in dismantling some of the myths about the country, and for giving a voice to thousands of migrants (and more than a few Kiwis too).

You may have heard about our famous Migrant Tales series, click here to read hundreds of authentic first hand accounts of life in New Zealand.

If you’re one of the people who came across and thought “Hey, there’s other people who were misled/cheated/let down just like I was, I’m not the only one” we’re glad to have helped you understand that it wasn’t you.

Please don’t leave any comments here from now on, but you can touch base at @AltNewZealand and @E2NZ.




40 thoughts on “Thanks for Your Support Over the Years.

  1. Love how the defenders try and defend the indefensible. This place sucks big time and anyone who says otherwise are wearing blinkers. Probably the expensive type like a Gucci or Prada. Smug arrogant middle class trash that has more money than morals or ethics. Can’t see want they don’t want to see and even worse couldn’t give a shit about anyone else but themselves and their craft beer and hipster breakfast. Paying mere minimum wage to poor sods to slave away while the rest of us are stuck with exorbitant prices for bare necessities. This country is Pure 100% Ripoff. Again its not negativity its the stark reality. I enjoy nothing about this place other than the time I have with my kids. Anyone who claims derangement is clearly in need of professional help to curb their delusions about this country and what they dream it is. Its a nightmare they refuse to wake up from because they live in their own Disneyland here.
    Thanks interim mod for keeping these trolls at bay. They can’t handle the cold hard truths about how hellish it is to try and live a life here without being taken for a ride.

  2. Sorry, this blog has pretty much hit the kiwi nail right on the head. Come on, you must see it? The highest rate of youth suicide in the whole of the developed world?

    See this from the BBC, ‘What’s behind New Zealand’s shocking youth suicide rate?’, June 2019.

    Generally, there are reasons why young people kill themselves. The extent of the death rate is not just a random statistic – an outlier that can be ignored. NZ is now used to being top in this regard. If it keeps happening, it must be real, unfortunately.

    Are we all deranged here because we are not proud of being associated with all the above and because we want to see change, some responsible action and real empathy applied?
    What are you people on? Oh, yes, I forgot, among the highest rates of cannabis and meth use too IN THE WORLD… sorry about that. The police are a little bit snowed under with that at the moment, right?

    When left to you own devices, ie, without somebody independently holding you to your promises (look at the clean streams accord – Ha ha ha) and rhetoric and exposing the truth, nothing will change.

    Yes, Kim, everything is just fine.

  3. Welcome and thank you for taking up the Admin duties of the site, Interim Mod! – And a big thank you to the previous Admin team for managing the site over the years. I got plenty of support and morale boosting knowing that there are so many facing the same issues – Delusional I am not, it appears 🙂

  4. Hi Interim Mod,
    Thank you so much for taking over – no small task, which at times must feel thankless, but I think you have probably seen enough positive feedback to see what a positive impact this site on many lives. So thank you.
    Contrary to some who come here to criticise this site, I do not see it as a place for New Zealand haters or as a place of negativity.
    I see it as an antidotal source of information for prospective migrants, who really should have access to all the facts before making a decision to move their lives and possibly families to New Zealand. Why should anybody be deprived of a balance of information when making a massive life-changing decision? One needs to be fully informed, warts and all, so there are no surprises.
    In terms of content/articles, I like to see any relevant news pieces or commentaries that fit the bill of presenting the full picture of living in NZ, as the previous admin/s were doing.
    I do also hope the Crime News feed continues, as it’s a quick reference feed I find really useful rather than going through a myriad of news sites. No need to sort through the chaf, E2NZ has all the wheat right here.
    Can’t think of any new ideas at the moment, but will let you know if any spring to mind.
    Thanks once again.

  5. I am so so sorry to hear this but so happy the site will continue with the help of the creator!

    I left NZ several years ago and when I was in an incredibly dark and desperate place, thinking of leaving, I was glued to ExpatExposed and it was my link to sanity.

    I am profoundly grateful for this site and for the old ExpatExposed site—

    I am thrilled that e2nz will be continuing and wish you all the best for your future projects.

    This site is a lifeline!!

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me and others retain our mental health in the midst of the NZ reality distortion/media machine!

  6. Years ago I considered moving to NZ and like most Australians I knew very little about the country, particularly the national sport of Australia-bashing. When I first visited Expatexposed I couldn’t believe what I was reading, NZ definitely wasn’t the Sweden of the South Pacific. Expatexposed, e2nz and the NZ MSM changed my mind.


  7. Lack of empathy,passive aggressive and victim blaming,people dislike so many things …..seems people on E2nz share a mutual dislike of being abused here in N.Z ,many of the posters on this site were fraudulently enticed to relocate here costing them precious years of their lives plus their life savings ,I have personally met people who have returned to South Africa with all the risks that entails rather than die from a thousand cuts here in N.Z.

  8. Dear E2NZ,
    I am not exaggerating when I say that this website has helped me keep my sanity. Like others, I have discovered (far too late) that moving here was the worse decision that my family could have ever had. I am married to a Kiwi and one of his biggest regrets in life has been the move back to NZ. I was happy to be here initially but the last few years have pushed me to the edge of total misery. I am not new to this culture, I have invested 20 years of my life getting to know this place and the people. 20 years that I now wish I could have invested differently. My biggest and most extreme disappointment is with the quality of people here. That alone has aged me at least 10 years due to stress. Furthermore, our physical and mental health has plummeted due to living with financial stress, a damp home (and the respiratory illnesses that come from that), poor food, and the mental trauma that comes from dealing with the lack of intelligence, logic, courtesy, consideration and kindness that on the surface Kiwis manage to convey but when going beyond the surface one discovers that the culture is actually opposite to what one initially perceived, when you start interacting with Kiwis in a “real” way. I know there are enlightened Kiwis but the fact is, if you are an immigrant, there is a 99.9% chance that you will never get to meet them, let alone get in their inner circle.

    So to make a long story short, I want to say Thank you for providing a forum for people to share our traumas, disappointment, disgruntlement and outrage. It has literally saved me. That and the thought that I can write a migrant tale/exit interview essay of my own when I can one day *hopefully* leave for sunnier shores. No joke.

    Best wishes and kind regards,

    ps- for anyone who thinks I am being “negative”, try being in my shoes. I have been the biggest cheerleader of NZ for nearly 2 decades. Living here has opened my eyes and the only emotion now I feel is desperation!

    • Abby, thank you for this. I’m trapped in NZ. I am beyond desperation. It helps to know I’m not the only one.

    • Hi
      Wishould our friend has seen this blog before selling up three flats one privative podiaty pactice (meaning around a million Nzds in pocket )… but being french hated the tax and social system of France and thought moving out to NZ with wife and 13yrs old son with them respectively being 51 yrs and 53 yrs is give them so much more
      Now here is the thing ..Tey flew just over a month back , very low average English but are going to school for the next 4 months to learn…..
      Wife in hospitality last job hotel from desk receptionist as yet no firm job offer him podiatrist but dipolma not validated in NZ so is going to look for jobs out there .
      They are planning to buy a house and then invest in a business … DO any of you out there feel they will have better luck then what you have had?
      Ps my father was offered the chance to over when I was a child ..but refused after seeing g the place and that was back in the 70s

  9. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for creating, compiling, hosting this great tiny space where we can all get a breath of fresh air and vent a little bit. I have shared your website with many people who have been interested in coming to New Zealand. Til this day, most people do not believe me when I tell them the truth about this country. I am very sorry to see your blog go. I hope you haven’t been threatened. Do you plan to have your website archived somewhere as a future reference strictly for anybody looking to research NZ in depth? If not, I really hope you consider doing so.

    I feel very apprehensive about the elections in NZ right now. The game of elections is merely part of a false illusion of democracy when all future plans about where the ship sails have already been made … the fact the MSM keep pushing Ardern as a ‘saviour’ is quite worrying, not that the National Party is any better. This years campaign is heavily focused on millennials, but unfortunately, many Kiwi millennials who are a byproduct of NZ’s leftist education system are indoctrinated in believing that free stuff really exists and that university education is still relevant… the truth is tertiary education is dying and is almost obsolete… all it means is higher taxes, more middle-class people being impoverished. The vast majority of millennials will never be able to afford to buy a house and the way the future looks for my generation now, many of us won’t be able to afford to save enough money to fund our own retirement when we reach 70…

    But hopefully, everything will work out for the best, both for NZ and for you and your team.

    Thanks again for opening people’s eyes and making us feel less alienated.

    Best wishes & kind regards.

    • I have noted that Labour have opened up some of the issues raised on here into mainstream debate. I am concerned by the “Republic Discussion”. I first came onto this site after all the anti British sentiment floating around during the flag referendum. The Republic debate will be 10 times more toxic.

      That aside.

      Best wishes to the admin team

  10. I’m sure the N.Z government would pay you handsomely to shut the site down ,must really piss them off to have the reality of this place broadcast when they spend so much money time and effort to project their own spin,anyways ,good luck.

    • Yes, I am delighted this site will continue and if financial support is needed will be happy to contribute. My reasoning is to enlighten future migrants contemplating moving here….give serious consideration and don’t get duped by the propaganda and spin
      It is a beautiful country, but the same cannot be said for the people who purport to be friendly and when you delve under the surface the picture is a lot different.
      My wife is New Zealander well educated and travelled. We returned to live in Christchurch July 2010 (the worse mistake I have ever made in my life). We lost our home as a consequence of the earthquakes and still not paid out by the corrupt insurers who have carte blanche to do as they please without any accountability. The misleading and deceptive conduct is still continuing and the NZ government sits back and not do anything to clip the wings of these nefarious corporations.
      Everything is predicated on greed and I have never encountered an ignorant lazy race of people in my life. The propensity to abuse alcohol and do drugs is unbelievable. The child poverty and violence must be highest of any OECD country.
      I use to visit NZ on holiday in relaxed mode unaware of what was really happening here. My wife became ill and had no hesitation packing up my bongos and leaving, the best decision I have ever made and when I look back at the debacle still happening in Christchurch it makes me so angry.
      It gives me great satisfaction putting off people migrating here. Visit the place on holiday but do not take up residency.

  11. Think Big. Great horse that was born in NZ but like so many kiwis found success in Australia. This site has nothing to do with negativity or positivity. I hate when people resort to such simplicity when discussing the reality of this god forsaken land. For many here its not a choice to stay here and while that may add to the frustration the simple truth is this place sucks on so many levels. I’ve just come back from a short 7 days in Australia for a wedding and boy did I not want to come back here. Not out of homesickness cause this shithole is now my home but out of sheer dread and fear. This place is a sick joke when it comes to its way of life. You know. The rip offs, the philistines, the ignorance, the racism, the bullshit and the utter rudeness and neglect of others. The smug middle class who inexplicably think John Key was a good guy. Yes this Goldman Sachs cutthroat POS ponytail tugger is now a Sir and adored and lauded by many. Its not hatred that drives this site and we don’t need the best of luck. We need to forget but never forgive these lying two faced arseholes I deal with day in day out. That takes up my energy quite nicely and I don’t mind that it does one bit. I enjoy giving it back. Makes life bearable here for me and I find that happiness in it you talk about.

  12. Do you watch/listen to the news? 606 people took their own lives in New Zealand in the latest (recorded as suicide) figures for 2016-17. Wonder why that per capita rate is so high? Maybe these whingers on here may just have a point?
    The number of readers/contributors saying this site has saved their sanity must mean that E2NZ has saved lives that might otherwise be part of the growing numbers of people killing themselves in amongst the breathtaking scenery.
    I dream of leaving and returning to civilsation, but am trapped by a horrifically archaic and self-serving family law system. I have to protect my children from being victims of abuse, socially accepted bullying and eventual suicide.
    Good luck to you too.

    • Rolo, me too. I haven’t yet gotten to court, though. Would really appreciate any info if there’s some way for us to communicate?

  13. A great forum for people to share experiences, thoughts, and frustrations. The theory of living in New Zealand is certainly very different from the reality. Hiding behind a wall of propaganda; pointing the finger overseas; and launching vicious personal attacks seems to be the only defence many kiwis have to any form of criticism which is directed at them and their country.

    The reality is New Zealand needs to do better – way better (else there would indeed be no reason for a website such as this).

    In my opinion it is not this website which is negative (as some people obviously claim it to be) – that honour goes to the ugly kiwi society which has inadvertently spawned it and seen it grow from strength to strength.

    Good luck in your future endeavours Admin.
    Regards, Yossarian.

  14. I understand you moving on. Us that a stuck here ( I’m a stuck parent too) also have to move on as much as we hate to. I’ve appreciated this site like many others and its salvaged my sanity. Living here isn’t easy and it’s good to have a whinge with others who have been deceived. I hope this place continues but hope even more that its archived as at least a reference point. I have no favourite articles as they’ve all been insightful and frightfully familiar to me. They all capture the despair living in this shithole. Thanks to the admin here for setting up this platform to vent our fruitless frustration. Its helped me tremendously.

    • Paul, me too. But I haven’t gotten to court yet. If there’s some way for us to communicate, please let me know.

      • Stuck, I’m afraid I couldn’t help you other than offer sympathy. I’m not going the legal process. Too complicated and far too costly. I’ve got arrangements and as long as I am near my kids I’ll live in this hell. Good luck with it all mate.

  15. We are so grateful to have found your site. You really did contribute that not only our eyes opened but also saved our sanity. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to publish our exit yet to help others to make an informed choice. It is not enough to thank you out there but thank you for your amazing effort!!! It is such a value when you are stuck in the 3. World.

  16. Oh I do hope the site continues – it is a serious sanity saver and a much needed breath of fresh air for those of us trapped in NZ with no way out. I visit the site daily and even if no new posts, I love the Crime Newsfeed – a quick glance at the ludicrously backwards crap going on in this wonderful paradise. Ha ha ha ha. Please continue somehow.

    • Thanks Admin , to read that the story continues. I was shocked to read that the whole tremendous effort was going to vanish. Just unthinkable really. Me too , I regularly delve into the stories in order to try to put the way I was cheated into perspective. What strikes me most is that people mention the double faced character of Kiwis. As a matter of fact I have actually only met the friendly and helpful side and did not really feel the dark side : But now I have understood why this has been my experience as the Kiwis were always at the receiving side of my cash. They would sell their mother for a dime.That I have viscerally felt in many occasions. I was fortunate not to be in a position to be employed but rather become an employer. When I started to see the obvious discriminatory attitudes from local authorities towards me versus the local Kiwi , I knew this country is conducive to life long poverty.This blog has been the most important piece of internet for me to put the absurdity of this alien small landmass in perspective , for which I could’nt be more grateful. I will keep reading all your postings for sure !

  17. I really hope you won’t shut it down, but rather will turn it over to someone else. This site helps me keep my sanity in what is becoming a gigantic nightmare. Please keep it afloat!

    • Trapped in NZ – are you a stuck parent perchance? I am keen to meet up and have contact with other stuck parents.

  18. Admin

    Please don’t do this. I am happy to keep it running on your behalf and cover the costs.

    You have my email.

  19. I found this to be a great site for the short amount of time that I have referred to it. Sad reading about a country that I grew up in but left at an early age and never returned. I know there are a lot of migrants who have moved there that have not found what they were looking for that’s for sure. What I cant seem to find is a site where migrants are talking about how happy they are with the move to NZ. I am still considering a short term move to see for myself so any information would be appreciated.

    • Thank you for this important information service. E2NZ have enlightened me with the rogue practices that still ensue in NZ.
      It is disappointing you disappearing off the landscape and will be missed.

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