Not in New Zealand – The Chamonix Skywalk

Chamonix lookout

‘Totally terrifying’ Step into the Void


Dubbed the tallest tourist attraction in Europe, the Chamonix Skywalk in France invites visitors to step into the void.


Perched above a 1km drop down the Aiguille du Midi, the knee wobbling skywalk is a box made entirely of glass. It took French tourism company Compagnie du Mont Blanc five years to construct the box made of three layers of tempered glass.

The viewing platform opens on 21 December and tourists will be able to gaze out at the interrupted view of the spectacular alpine panorama.

We confidently predict that New Zealand will want one too, and it will be billed as a triumph of ‘Kiwi ingenuity’. Rather like it laid claim to bungee jumping.

Given its record it is doubtful whether New Zealand will be able to afford or safely maintain a skywalk made of glass.

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